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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Guest Blogger Me, Tessie!

Good Morning.  Please pardon any typos.  The pogo stick isn't the easiest thing to manage on the computer keys.

I went to Casey this morning and begged her to make me a rug for under the loom to keep my toes toasty when I weave.

She totally ignored me.  She is cleaning kitchen cupboards this morning.  Silly woman! 

Doesn't she know that, if you don't clean them for a while, all kinds of useful things grow there in the dark.   Mine have toadstools way in the back, a few cool green winged beetles and lots of fuzzy, furry stuff that looks like grey moss....I am not exactly sure what is there now.  I think that Cordelia cleaned(very bad thing to do) right after she moved into the town house.  I refuse to live in her house anymore, it is way to clean and orderly...I may have to put a spell on her and make her trade back.

Anyway, I kept begging Casey for a rug.  She told me to go away.  I begged again and she threw a box of cereal at  my head...And I don't even like cereal!

So....I decided to take matters into my own hands.  If the photos aren't up to par, Zar took them.

Oh!  I just bounced up and saw a squirrel in the yard, eating apples.  Cool.  Now I know why Casey likes to look out the window by the computer.

Back to the story.  I did make Casey cut me a piece of  non-woven interfacing and carry out the bunka box. I like saying that.  Bunka box bunka box bunka box...And she had to get out the books, but I did the rest all by myself....With Zar's help.

I really didn't need the books after all.  I made up the pattern myself.

First, with a permanent pen, I drew the outlines of the design that I wanted to put on the rug.

OK.  So there are a few misplaced lines....Who cares?  They are going to get covered up anyway.
Then came the fun part.  I pulled on the end of the bunka whilst Zar held the card.  I think that I pulled out way more than I can use.  It's just plain entertaining to do...Zar was even having fun!  

Then Spike got involved. Do you think that Casey will believe that a pet spider went berserk and strung all the bunka from pillar to post?....Maybe not.

First I outlined all of the black.  I used Casey's glue syringe.  Zar pushed down on the plunger and I guided it around the rug.

Then I covered the string of glue with a string of bunka. 

I keep having to chase Spike off.  He sees it as a future bed already.

Just before I came in here to bounce this er I mean write this... I started putting color in all of the spaces.

Another fun part, but it makes me dizzy.  I start at the outer edge and work my way to the center of each part.

I should have it done to show you tomorrow, but Casey will probably take away my pogo stick and tell me I can't use the computer anymore.

I keep messing around with the iPad, but I can't figure that one out at all.  I keep pressing the wrong buttons and accidentally buying new game apps.  Well maybe it isn't quite an accident.  I do like those Angry Birds.  I can't figure out why they are so unhappy, but they are fun to play with.

I guess I am done here.  My feet are getting blisters. Oh!  I just found Spellcheck!  How cool is that!?!

Casey will see you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Tessie. That's an interesting way to make a rug.

Neen said...

A pogo stick iPad stylus...hmmm, only Tessie could come up with that! (Love it!)

dalesdreams said...

Too cute! I love Tessie's face. Full of such excitement. :)

April said...

Tessie, if she takes away the pogo stick I might be able to help you to secure a jet pack.

Kathi said...

Good morning to you too Tessie! Love the rug you are making. I think even I could make one like this. :D

I'm with you on the cleaning thing... I would much rather make minis than clean!

I tried a pogo stick once. Almost fell flat on my face. Keep bouncing! Love watching you work!

Debbie said...

Love your Rug Tessie..