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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bags in a Bag...

This was very fast.  I found some paper backed wood flooring scraps in my stash.   I cut a piece to fit the inside top of the purse and one for the hinge and back part.  That turned it into the floor of the closet.

Then I found a piece of real sized wallpaper to fit the inside back and sides.  I cut it just by pushing it into the purse and bending it where it needed to be cut.

When I got it in, I didn't like the color of the stripes, so I painted it Antique White with Ceramcoat.

I trimmed out the flooring with leftover strips.
Then I added strips of leather to cover the edges. 

I cut shelves from 3/32" basswood, a little shallower than the body of the purse and trimmed them with a strip of cove molding on the front of each shelf. 

Those were also painted antique white.

Basically, that was it.
I pounded a nail in the wall...Filled the thing with some of Tessie's bags that were scattered all over the house.

She immediately moved in.  I expect that to keep her happy for a day or two. 

I have to go to the mini meeting this afternoon.  She sabotaged herself.  By putting in shelves, she can't hide inside and go along to the meeting...Too bad...

I have to go get ready now.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Cute cute cute! :D

hopeful said...

Casey - you are amazing! How many people are really in that head of yours to come up with all these ideas? - Marilyn

dalesdreams said...

Fabulous idea :)

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Monísimo!!!! Me encanta la idea!!!

Ruth Ramaekers said...

I love this project it's so cute! I love to scour antique shops for small bags, suitcases, jewelery boxes, cigar boxes, or anything else that could possibly house a mini scene. I actually prefer this as a way of doing miniature scenes then standard room boxes. It's less expenses and forces you to be creative! I made my Grandpa a miniature scene that fit into an old chess box with a lid. He loves it! It has pride of place on his coffee table.

Susi said...

Buena idea¡¡¡
Muy original y atrevida, me gusta
Un beso