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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Again....

I did what miniatures I could this morning.  What I mean is, I worked until I ran out of stained flooring. 

See that little spot behind Tessie?  That's all there is left to do.  Two of those sacks of skinny sticks weren't enough.  I thought they would be.

So that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it...But I also have to get ready to go play with the Wednesday Witches.

Unfortunately, I can't lug the Weaver's Workshop with me to the meeting.
I am having to contend with the first scene of Macbeth...One real witch and two others that are just acting the part.

Tessie is comparatively happy for a change.  I am working on her project.

Lettice is semi happy.  She is rearranging the bed and the other mock ups of furniture in the room that she is now occupying.

She keeps looking at the ceiling and whispering to herself about "coffered"....I don't think that she is happy with just plain old beams.

Of course, this could lead to paneled walls and paneled beds and coffered chests and fireplaces and ...and....
Meanwhile, Nellie just sits on the heavy quilt and pouts.  She is threatening to run away and find someone that will appreciate her skills. 

No....I still haven't set up her embroidery frame, so that she can get to work. 

Maybe I should do that later today.  That might appease her. 

I am glad that I am spending the afternoon elsewhere.  These three are really annoying after a while.  They all want to be first on my list of things to finish....

I am running away now, so that Nellie won't have to.

See you tomorrow.


Merri said...

So your three girls are getting to you, huh? I think the old saying , "We make our own monsters" holds true, here. Not that those three are actually monsters.But it can feel that way when they're each pulling at you, demanding you pay attention to them FIRST.

Perhaps your closest kinship is with Nellie right now. After all, you know how you hate to sit around without your crafting tools..and right now she's yearning for her embroidery frame.

Yup, another Wednesday. Summer's going too fast, and YIKES..Only 166 days till Christmas!

Caseymini said...

Merri, did you have to bring Christmas into the mix? That just means it's time to start knitting...the temperature is stil over a hundred! No socks yet!

Chy said...

Thanks for sharing your incredible work! Love to see the progress.

Fabiola said...

I like the first scene.
Bye Faby