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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tessie One and a Half....Lettice and Nellie, a Big Fat Zero!

Zar is collecting cash by handfuls this morning.  I can't imagine whom would bet against Tessie, but evidently someone did.

Tessie promised to help.  The other two wanted to be waited on, hand and foot.  Guess which side was chosen?

She has been harassing me about the floor for weeks.  I decided to finish them....Literally.

I took this photo whilst the floor was not quite finished on the first level.

The stain can and Pepsi glass make wonderful weights for the areas that I just finished....If I get thirsty, I must remember that the Pepsi is on the right...

When I was in college, I drank from quite a few glasses of water that had paint in them.  Thank goodness the oil painting medium was turpentine and I had forewarning when I picked that up.  Same with the stain can.  You can smell it from a mile away.
Anyway, whilst I was finishing the laying of  the bottom floor, Tessie started the top.

I must say that she is just about as fast as I am at the laying process.  I did catch her, at one point, whittling down the sides of a couple of boards to make them fit...Oh well.  She's the one that has to live with it.

After they are all laid and dry for a while, I will sand them and touch up the stain.  Then it will be time for varnish, sanding and more varnish. 

I am not sure that I will use the skinny sticks again.  There are too many that are irregular and not usable. Since they were on sale and I wanted a rustic look, they worked out in this case.  I wouldn't use them for any place that I wanted a nice finish on the floor.  I had to try them to be able to have an opinion...Opinion?  Not my favorite for wood floors.

I have to get back to work before Tessie turns all of the skinny sticks into toothpicks.  She goes a bit overboard when someone lets her have an Exacto knife...

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

The floors are looking nice. I'm just starting mine. I'm using popsicle sticks.

Alennka said...

I like to paint my sub floor black or stain it the same colour as the floorboards before I lay them, that way any gaps between irregular boards aren't as noticable when you've finished.

Caseymini said...

Alennka, I didn't bother this time, because I know that I am going to have to re stain them after sanding and the stain will take care of any problems.