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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Extra! Extra!

I got a gift in the mail yesterday and had to do a special edition of the blog to show you!

Neen, over at Universe in Miniature had a drawing a couple of weeks ago.  When it came time to draw, she decided that everybody that entered should win.

This is what I received.  I am going to have to do some more modern.  The little wire chairs are perfect.  Zar has already latched onto the three bottles of blood wine and Tessie grabbed the big bottles of bug beer. 

Between the chair is a battery operated light.  It works, but it was difficult to get a good photo with it turned on.  You will have to take my word for it...

Anyway, thanks bunches Neen!!!  They are really cool and I will put them all to good use.

If you like modern minis,make a visit to Universe in Miniature!

Stay tuned for regularly scheduled blog entry later today.

See you then.


Neen said...

Thanks Casey, I am so glad that you, Tessie et al are enjoying everything. I must say, your mini friends look good with the chairs (I'm glad they divided the plonk (as our Australian friends call it) without fighting). I believe that the miniaturist hobby brings whimsey, creativity and a sense that anything is possible, whether in a modern, Tudor, Victorian, or space hotel setting. You have certainly inspired many, including me! All the best, Neen

Gill said...

Very useful gifts, I like the chairs.

Lucille said...

Cute little chairs. Suitable for different looks!