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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Roped and Hog Tied....

I got up this morning with intentions of finishing the rope bed in a hurry....Not to be.

I just didn't like the way it was swaying.  Not enough bracing and the ropes were going to warp it even further.  I think that's the hazard of turning this one into the mini. 

I decided to put a bit of extra bracing under the rope area.  I know it's not authentic, but I am not to worried about the bed police coming to take me away.  By the way, I used #5 DMC pearl cotton for the rope.
Not too long after we got the bottom braces stained and the ropes laced, stretched and tied, I heard wailing coming from Lettice's room.  I went to look and found that somebody pilfered her mattress.  I told her not to panic and that I would find the culprit and return it to her.

Then I went to get it.  I knew immediately where it was.
Nellie bribed Zar to get it back for her new bed.

Thank goodness for one of a kind beds in different sizes.

The mattress was a wee bit too large.  I absolutely am not going to remind  her that the coverlet is removable....Let's just let her think that she will have to make a new one.

Don't you dare tell her either!!!

Meanwhile, I am going to have to go make another mattress and put her to work on a coverlet.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

The bed is beautiful and so authentic! Love the blackwork coverlet too. :D

Rhissanna said...

I have to admit, there's a lot of petty larceny going on. I'd also be outraged if someone waltzed in and pilfered my mattress. Furthermore, I wouldn't want it back! No! I'd demand a new one. (Don't let them see this. I think you already have your hands full)

Xandra said...

Je bed is mooi geworden maar je zwarte vloer vind ik ook prachtig.

Groetjes Xandra

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...


The coverlet with blackwork looks tremendously beautiful and fits the bed for Zak grealy. I am sure he is happy.

Thank you for your advise on the heels for my doll. See, I am not a dollmaker and even didn't consider to have holes if I take the heels off. From another hand I don't worry about it since they will be covered. I feel they (the heels) are on my way and it bothers me, they must go. My concern is that if I use something harder, like a knife, I will break the feet completely.

To make the legs from a polymer clay it means I have to replace them, correct?

Caseymini said...

Right Natalia. It would mean replacing them. You might try a metal file on the heels. Whatever you do, just be very careful.