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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Darkness Falls....

It is another glorious Monsoon day.  In other words, it's been cloudy all day and not conducive to making minis.  Our house is dark anyway and on cloudy days it gets just plain impossible to work in natural light....Not even a foot or two from the windows.

It is also almost impossible to get good mini photos.  They all turn out dark and fuzzy. 

Soooo.....Out comes the yarn.

 I pulled out all of the leftovers from socks and some balls of solid colors to compensate, if I need them.

I will probably add more than I take away by knitting and crocheting...but I am trying.  Honest.

I found a crochet pattern magazine last week with this pattern in it.  I know I could have made it without the magazine, but I am a sucker for pretty colored photos.

It is simply half a granny square pattern done in a solid color.  They had a photo(underneath the scarf that I am doing) that had all of the colors of the rainbow.  Who could resist a photo like that?

The key to making it soft and draped like that one in the photo is using a large crochet hook with thin yarn.  So....That's what I am doing.
You know that I can't leave well enough alone.  I had to try it in yellow too.

I also found a couple of fingerless mitts that I started to match the socks of the same yarn. 

I do believe that I have enough to keep me busy until the sun comes out again. 

Back to the hooks, needles and threads.

See you tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be sunny.


Kathi said...

Happy stitching! I wish you a sunny day tomorrow!

I bought one of those daylight lamps from Michaels. It has saved my eyes and my photos on many an rainy day. :D

Speaking of Micheals - I'm on my way there now! Beads are on sale 50% off!!!

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I have two of those lamps...I can't work under them. They just aren't natural to me.LOL

- Virpi said...

I wish for a clouds, so we can see the scarf finished, it looks really nice!

mcddiss said...

siempre es bueno mantenerse ocupado , haga el tiempo que haga, espero ver pronto esas labores terminadas



Claudia said...

I have to get my yarn out but I never can crochet or knit in the summer. Not sure why, other than the heat and the fact that I like to be in the garden.

Have fun, Casey!