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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mini Housecleaning....

Today's corner had Tessie running and hiding...I found her former dwelling.  The first time you ever saw her on the blog, she was still living in this glass case.

She went and got Spike and Zar for protection.  She was afraid that I was going to lock her back in here...

I am a firm believer in displaying things that aren't really a set piece.  What good is a sofa or a table hidden away in a drawer or box somewhere?

The case was empty.  It was wallpapered and carpeted, so all I had to do was dig up a few things to display.

The sofa is one that I made for Tessie's townhouse....That she refused to use.

The rug is one of the very early ones that I did.  It's on #18 canvas.  That proves that it is OLD.  I only did a few on that before I graduated to higher count per inch.

The tables are, left to right, a Gary Larson and a carved stone candlestick from India.  That one is simply turned upside down.  Instant table.

Last but not least,  the original watercolor on the back wall is a gift from my friend Val, in England.
Beautifully done!
Now for a place to put the case.  I am making progress.  The right front corner is finished.  I moved the rocking chair out of there and put in a half table that just fits.  It is perfect for displaying the case.

I couldn't talk Zar and Tessie into modeling inside the case...The opted to lock the scary eyed cat in there instead. Now we can all sleep better at night. At least I managed to do a little mini-ing while cleaning...

Please notice that even my Micro mark saw and table are clean....Not a speck of sawdust anywhere!

Now.  If I can only keep it that way...Wish me luck

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Everything looks great Casey! You've done an outstanding job with your clean up!

Me. Not so much. Sigh...

Lucille said...

Well, you've done it once again, Casey. It's all clean. I did nothing today except to shop for a new shopping cart. My old one fell apart on me. So, now, I'm all set with a new one. Have cart will travel!