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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cleaning and Unexpected Finds!

Good Morning and Happy 4th, to those of you that celebrate it.

I have been up since 4:00AM and it has been a very productive morning.

I went in the workroom and closed the door.  Walter is trying to fix a pulled muscle in his back and was sleeping in....Watching TV...

I finished another bookcase and found something on top that I have been looking for, for over a year...

It is hard to find a section of wall for a 1/4" scale house when it is lying flat and other things are piled on top of it.  I removed everything and there it was.

Now I can finish this little house.  I built it from scratch from a blueprint in the book  that you see behind Zar.  It is a book of plans from 1888 that I found in a used book store. 

The only thing that I changed was the two windows in the top floor to one window.  I made the top floor one big room and decided that I would rather have only one. 

Tessie's "mini me" is over the moon.  she finally has a finished house to live in.  Granted, it needs the front porch, but the inside is complete.

By the way, if you enlarge the second photo, I have proof that Zar will do just about anything for a cookie.
Case in point?  He will wear an over sized button for me.  Walter bought it for me years ago....I have a duplicate somewhere in this mess...I lost one and had to replace it...I know it's still here.  I just can't find it.  It reads, "I'm not messy.  I'm creative."  Any guesses as to where the second one is hiding?

I finished the bead shelves this morning.  They will probably stay this way for a week or at least a couple of days.

As I go, I am making space in one bookcase and filling it from the next.  It seems to be working out quite well....So far.

Yesterday, some people made comments that I had done a good job of cleaning...OK.  Here's where I get brave. Almost two walls are finished.... I have one more shelf unit to finish on this wall.

Then there is the closet wall and the long wall with the three bookcases on it.  I saved the best for last.

This is the part that isn't clean yet....Look at it this way.  I now have a lot of empty spaces from moving things around...

By the time I am done, there will be no piles on the floor and no laundry baskets full of stuff to put away...

The next shelf unit is going to be pretty easy.  It is stuff that I use all of the time and it's all in plano boxes.  Just take them out, wipe down the shelves and put them back...

Then comes the part where Tessie needs a whip and a chair to keep me going and I need the welded chain around my ankle so as not to get lost in the pile....Fingers crossed now.

See you tomorrow.


Minteriors said...

Happy 4th to one and all in the USA!

You got an early start this morning!

I'm relaxing as I peruse your latest entry.

The dogs next door are barking madly as the kids across the street on the corner are lighting firecrackers, whistling rockets and the like. A bit early for celebrating, but then kids will be kids.

What a charming little house! "Mini Me" Tessie is a scream. My Lady, YOU are amazing. Your creativity knows no bounds. Is there anything you don't know how to do?

You run circles around me 100 fold. As I've dubbed your site on my favorites, "interesting and entertaining." That assessment will stand for eternity.


Fabiola said...

The little house is wonderful.
Bye Faby

Vanessa said...

That mini house is fabulous! Love the cleaning so far. Most of us wish for the ultimate clean, organized space. I've been striving for that space for some time. The closer I get, the further away it seems. Good luck.

dolodd said...

I also love the look of the little house.

Lucille said...

Cute little house! Happy 4th!

Jennifer said...

That is a great mess! One of my favorite steps is to " find the floor"

Chelle said...

Oh Casey you make me feel so much better about my mess ;-D