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Monday, July 2, 2012

Deeeeep Cleaning!

OK.  I didn't cover much territory, but I did get what I did very clean and straight.

See those three drawers to the left?  I can now get them closed without throwing  my whole body weight against them!

I took the hot glue and glue gun and put them in the garage...I am almost ashamed to say that I own one.  That is the number one NO NO for me with miniatures.  NO HOT GLUE!!!

I do use it once about every five years for other crafts, so I can't really throw it away.  If I threw It away, I would need it tomorrow...You know how that goes.

After I finished that end of the desk, I went around the corner and cleaned off the little half table and the corner bookcase.  That wasn't too difficult.  It is also mainly stuff that I don't use very often.

I found several boxes and containers that I would like to work on, if I ever finish the crooked house and weaver's cottage....I'm trying....Honest!

At the very bottom, there is a ten gallon aquarium.  I did a couple of workshops on that one...The one that I finished as an example went to the NAME national convention as a raffle prize.  Anyway, I really should do another one of those, so that I would have one for myself. 

The Wednesday Witches learned to do it and between all of us, we sent the one that I did to the National convention as a "Witch's Kitchen". There is a photo of it somewhere on the blog, but I couldn't tell you where....Bad labeling....

When I finished that corner, I decided that the rest of the desktop should really be clean too.  At least I can work on there now...
As usual, Tessie supervised...Notice, we decided that the big glue bottle should get the "treatment" too.  After all, I can just as easily fill that one with new glue as I can the small one.

Did I mention that, since the last time you saw Tessie in the workroom, she has learned to work the remote for the TV by stomping on it, HARD.

She decided that we should watch reruns of Las Vegas.  She went with us on a long weekend a couple of times....She kept saying, "If I watch long enough, maybe I will see me!"

She never left the room on the 17th floor.   Her logic somtimes confuses even me...  She tells me that all of the rooms have hidden closed circuit cameras... I hope not!

Anyway, If I want to get this room in working order, I am going to have to do some work each day.  It is the hottest room in the house, even with the AC running.  Why do I always mess it up in the summertime?  Maybe I should just put a sign on the door that says "Closed for Vacation".  Or maybe I could just lock the door right now and yell through the keyhole, "Tessie, you can't come out until the room is clean!".  She does help make the mess....

Either way, I am going to go do something else where it is cool for a while. 

Is anybody else having trouble getting the spell check to work on this thing?  If everything is misspelled, it's blogger's fault!

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Funny. I can't find my glue gun! I know it is around here somewhere? I really DO need it. Just for one thing. One little thing. Then it can go back into hiding...

You've done a great job cleaning up! Love the covered containers. :D

Rhissanna said...

Tessie might clean it up, but it would be to her specifications, not yours and that would lead to more frayed tempers, and more heat.

I have a good friend who has a shed full of dollshouses and she told me to put PVA glue (is that white glue, or school glue?) into a big syringe, to dab tiny bits on where needed. I've heard hot glue guns were anathema for miniaturists.

Lucille said...

Just take a break, Casey. It's too hot to clean. Just close the door!

Claudia said...

Good luck but don't overdo!

I'm the same way about my glue gun. I hardly ever use it, but I dare not throw it out!


Steinworks said...

Mine is in a hot place too that's why Im at the kitchen table until the AC get here (Richard decided that we needed it and we've only lived here 11 years without it)

I can't find my glue gun though, I'll probably find it when I clean up my room tomorrow

Marisa :)