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Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Getting Started....

First of all, I had to find the thread.  I moved it from it's usual spot and it was hiding.

Most of this, I can't use.  I only use the old mercerized cotton.  No synthetics.  So that cuts down the pallet a bit. 

The small box is where some of my favorites are, but as you can see, I have more in the big one.

In case you were wondering why we were looking for sewing thread, I decided to work on Nellie's bed cover today.
The linen washed up nicely, so no excuse not to start.

Nellie helped me out with the design.  I put basic lines on the coverlet with my Pigma Micron .005 pen. 

I can hear people murmuring, "She must be mad!".

I only drew the basic lines on with a pencil first.  When I liked the design, I made them permanent with the pen.  These pens are as close to permanent as you can get.  People use them to sign and put information on quilts, with the assurance that they are archival and won't wash out, face or bleed. 

They are one of my favorite tools for mini.  It is the finest point in permanent inks that I know of and they last a long time.  I get them at art supply stores, quilt shops or sometimes at Michael's.  They come in several colors and all are valuable mini tools.

I am working under a lighted magnifying light.  Nothing fancy.  It's one that I picked up at Walmart years ago.  I like it because it has the glass on one goose neck and the light on another, so I can position it anywhere I want it.  I have other styles, but this is my weapon of choice when working at home. 

It takes a regular 60 watt light bulb and I am used to the color.  For me, Ott lights are unnatural light.  That's just one of my idiosyncrasies...

As you can see, I have gotten quite a bit done this morning.  I still have a long way to go, but my eyes are getting crossed.  I am going over no more than two threads at a time when doing the stem stitches.  The leaves, done with lazy daisy stitch are also over two threads.  The yellow french knots are done with either single or double wrap of one strand of thread.  The red satin stitch flower is done with a single thread too.  Some of the stitches are gone over twice to make it thicker.

Anyway, that's it for today.  Back to cleaning cupboards.

See you tomorrow.