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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Linen, Canvas and Lace....

April and Seth gifted me with a certificate from Dharma Trading company for Mother's Day this year.  It has taken me this long to get around to redeeming it...The package came yesterday.

Yes.  That is Tessie, sitting in the middle of two yards of 54 inch wide linen. It is supposedly 36 threads to the inch even weave,I am not sure how the count really is.  I will have to try it and see.  It looks to have a few more threads running cross grain that lengthwise. Whatever the count it is really nice fabric.  Tessie has been walking around on it planning what I am going to make for her from it. 
I thought that some of you might be interested in another item that I grabbed.

In case you aren't familiar with Dharma Trading Co.  They have been around longer than home computers by quite a few years.  They sell all natural products that are specifically made for people that like to dye, paint and otherwise decorate their own clothes and other fabric thingies.  They also sell dyes, fabric paints and other things to decorate the thingies with.

Anyway, this is their version of a Messenger bag. It's heavy canvas and ready to decorate.  I love all of the pockets.........The only trouble is, so does Tessie.  She announced that she can go anywhere I do with this bag....Unfortunately Nellie heard that and came running to join the party.

I bought it with the intention of tangling it.  That and the linen have to be washed before I do anything else.  That's when we find out what the real count is on the linen...

Can you tell that I'm playing for time today?  Monday, starting with the bathroom, on the far left of the house, I started cleaning.  I am doing cupboards, closets and everything else in between.

I figured that, if I started at one side and worked my way across.  I would finish with the workroom....The worst spot in the house.

So I promise to come up for air and let you know that I am still able to find the computer keyboard.  I will also try to get some mini-ing done too.

Yesterday at Wednesday Witches minis, I took along my tatting.  It's easy to carry and my friend Anne wants to learn.  Good intentions....I spent quite a bit of the time unraveling the kumihimo of one of the members that just started a couple of weeks ago...It seems that she fell asleep while doing it!  Didn't I tell you that it was a relaxing thing to do?  She must have kept going well into her nap! It took a big chunk out of tatting time.

Here are a few of the pieces of tatting that I am working on.  Tessie has her eye on the first black one.  It's way out of scale for her, but she says it looks like a sinister spider's web.The center of that one is a glass button.  The one by her feet has a Chinese coin in the center. The cream colored one has a three hole button that I made in ceramic when I was in college...Poor old button... The one on the far right is almost three inches long...Silver and would you believe that it is one of a pair of earrings that I bought at Walmart?  I can't imagine wearing two or them in my ears.  I would have trouble holding my head up and they would be clanging against my shoulders.  So, it is now a pendant.I may redo that one.  I should have put some beads on the tatting. Or maybe I will just leave it plain and put it on a kumihimo cord.

Oh!  Thanks to you that answered my question yesterday.  The tree is definitely a Texas Mountain Laurel.

I still wonder if the hospital, where it is growing, knows that it is poisonous???

See you tomorrow.

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April said...

The messenger bag looks neat. Glad that there are special pockets for transporting the gang.