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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Somewhere to Lay Her Weary Head.....

 This is going to be short.  The stupid allignment button will not let the text go to the left, even though I have it set that way and yes, I did  do the "remove formatting" thing and tried to move the text to the left.  Frustrating!!!  Oops! Never mind.  It finally decided to play nice....For the time being.

OK.  This is as far as I am going today. Nellie now has a place to sleep. 

 I put in some lavender and blue flowers and blanket stitched the top edge of the coverlet over two threads.

By the way, If you decide to do something like that, remember to do it on the wrong side, if you are going to turn the top back.

It's very annoying when you get part of it done and realize that it's the wrong side.  No....I didn't do that this time, but I have done it a few times before.  That's how I know.

Here it is up close.  The color on both of these photos isn't great.  One is too white and the other too yellow.  It's another cloudy day.  I can never get them right when the light is like this.

Anyway.  I quit.  I am going to go play some other game for the rest of the day...Something fun.

See you tomorrow.


Minteriors said...

Casey, you do such attractive, inspiring work! I enjoy coming to your blog as often a time will permit.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving me your encouraging words. I needed that! The tunnel seems dark and way too long for impatient me.

Yes, I promise to go l@@king for my camera equipment and get some of my blogging documented. I know how frustrating it must be for one and all that stop by. Pictures truly are worth more than the thousand of words. : )

Lynn Dylan said...

Just beautiful!

Lynn a.k.a. Dylan

Kathi said...

Lovely work! I can't do a blanket stitch on a REAL size blanket and make it look right.

This is so pretty and so perfect for the bed you made. :D

Margaret said...

Your embroidered coverlet is so beautiful, you really look after your witches(best to keep them onside I expect). I am inspired to try some embroidery now. Enjoy your weekend.

Xandra said...

Wat een sjiek beddengoed. Mooi gemaakt.

Groeten Xandra

mcddiss said...

me gusta mucho ese bordado , es un trabajo muy bien hecho



Minka's Studio said...

Love this bed! Beautiful!