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Friday, July 13, 2012

Getting Away From It All.....

Yesterday, for some reason, the blog didn't get published right after I wrote it.  Thanks to Walter I discovered that it wasn't there.  I went back and searched and it was still in the save basket....I didn't put it there.  Anyway, I'm sorry if I made you look for it.

This morning Walter was out playing golf on his Friday off.  I decided to go play hooky too.  I figured that my brain wouldn't be so warped if I got out and exercised a bit...

My idea of good exercising is to go to the 22nd St. Antique Mall and walk all of the aisles.

I hit the all time jackpot today...At least for me.

When I was a little kid, we went to some one's house and I saw one of these...I asked what it was, and the lady showed me all of the drawers and bins and told me that it was a "Martha Washington's Sewing cabinet.  Well...It wasn't really Martha's.  It was a sewing cabinet built in the 20s or 30s.  For some reason, it always stuck with me and I always wanted one.  They are few and far between and for a long time, I couldn't justify spending the money that they were asking for the ones that I did find.  They have come down in price in the past few years. 

Most of you know that I collect all kinds of sewing and needlework antiques.  I am now a happy camper.  I am not worried about finding any more....I probably will and I will still add to my collection, but this one just makes me smile. 

The way this one is designed is especially well.  See that little open shelf underneath?  It's the perfect size for a mini sewing room, room box.  I have made several of those, but I always seem to give them away to friends.  This time I am going to make one just for me...Tessie will probably move in and try to take over, but it will be mine.
Since I got myself a present, when I saw this, I decided that Walter needed a present too.  Perfect for a golfer.  A book by Sam Snead, written in 1938.

I am having difficulty keeping it away from Zar.  Now he wants to take up golf.  That means that I had better watch Walter's golf shop table lamp.  Zar may just try to clean it out.  It has everything that he needs except a cart.

When Tessie heard that everybody was getting presents, she demanded, "Where's mine?  What did you get me?".

I was way ahead of her.  I picked up this small geode...It is hard to see in the photo, but it's right up Tessie's alley.  The inside is covered with tiny crystals that sparkle like diamonds.

I won't have to mess with her for the rest of the day.She will be mesmerized for  the afternoon.

I am going to clean up the sewing chest and oil the finish. Then I am going to stock it with goodies.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I had to look up geode having never heard of that before. I see that it is something that our Casie would love. It's impossible to see the little shelf because of the darkness of the piece but I get an idea of what you want to do. Very sweet.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, It's not really a shelf. It is those little cross bars between the legs. It acts as a shelf to put a tray or some books on. I have several tables that are like that. It provides more storage where there isn't any.

Elga said...

What a lovely find, enjoy building a sewing room box just for yourself.