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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rough Draft

I got out the quarter inch graph paper and Tessie brought the pencil.

I needed to draw up some plans for furniture for both, the crooked house and the weaver's cottage.

I got as far as the crooked house.  I found a 16th  century paneled rope bed on the net and adapted it.  The original was much wider.  I made the plan for a single.  That's all there is room for in the crooked house.

I tried to stand the tablet up so that you could count the squares and copy if you are so inclined.  As usual, they are for personal use only. chair in one of Daniel Diehl's books on medieval furniture.   There are two that I know of.  He did one of them by himself and the other was co authored by Mark Donnelly. 

I usually do a rough drawing of the pieces that I want, to scale, to see if they will fit in where I plan to use them.  these do.

I will refine the drawings as I go.
Here's the cover of one of the books and to the left, I lucked out.  There are plans for a wine cupboard in the second book that are drawn to one inch scale right in the illustration.  I won't even need to draw a plan for that piece if I decide to use it.  Lucky me!

I am going back to the drawing board now, if I can get the pencil away from Tessie.  She likes to take credit for all drawn plans....Even thought she can hardly lift the pencil.

Actually, I will let her.  The plans are pretty sketchy so far.  When I am done, I will claim authorship.  Until then, let her have her fun.

See you tomorrow.

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Lucille said...

Looking forward to see what comes of all these plans. That's an interesting book you have there. I just finished a toothpick doll, my first one. Take care!