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Monday, July 9, 2012

I Think I Will Go Back to Bed(s).....

This morning I had to break up several battles...First Lettice wanted "her" bed back.  You know.  The one that I made when she was planning to live in the little crooked house....

When she left, she didn't really know if it was grand enough for what she had in mind for the room box that she was moving into.

It was....But Nellie wanted it.  I settled that argument by telling Nellie that I would make her a smaller one that would fit better in her loft.
She had been complaining since she moved in that there wasn't enough space to swing a cat in that room.

Now she has enough room....But no cat.  And no bed.

I did get an idea for the embroidery frame downstairs.  Remember the bed cover that I have had in the works for some years?  Since the drawing faded from it, I would have to see if I could remember how the original pattern that I drew long ago, looked....Hey!  At least it will be put to good use.  Maybe I can fold it before I attach it to the frame, instead of cutting it.  At least it would be displayed that way.

With that settled, we added Tessie to the mix.  It seems that she got wind of what was going on when Lettice enlisted her help to zap the bed from one room to the other.

Then the real trouble started...Tessie wants the floors in the weaver's cottage finished.  She can yell louder than anybody else.  Maybe I should say howl...No wait.  That was Spike.

With all three ladies arguing....I noticed that Zar was nowhere to be seen...

Being curious, I started looking for him.

I found him in his study.  He was holding the racing form and by then Spike, being a male, joined him. 

I asked why they had retreated.  Zar just grinned at me and said,  "What?  Do you think I am insane?  I have better things to do than get in the middle of a cat fight."

Sucker that I am, I bit.  I asked, "What better things?"

He snickered and said, "I am taking bets on who will win....Want to put down some cash?"

Knowing Zar, he is betting on his favorite. Well...  She's been here the longest and knows all of the tricks.  Why would anybody bet against Tessie?

And the going back to bed part...I have to get started on another bed for Nellie....Or maybe I will just go back to my own bed and pull the covers over my head until the storm passes...

See you tomorrow.

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