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Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's In The Mail....

It is surprising what comes in the mail that you can use in minis. 

When something interesting comes, I sometimes throw it in a drawer and forget it. 

That's what happened to this grey green envelope made of really nice, heavy, drawing paper.  It is textured, even though it doesn't really show in the photo. 

It was a "welcome to the group" type letter from Dish Network....We have been with another provider for quite a few years now, so I know that it's and old one.

I decided to go ahead and make something out of part of it, just for (sidetracked again) fun.

You have seen me and others do paper containers before.  Nothing new.

I thought that it might make a nice round lidded box.

So....Flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak, I cut a strip 2" long and about 5/8" high.  I cut another strip for the top that twas a bit longer and about 3/8 inches high.  I used patterned scissors for the first cut and then straight for the second one.

I folded over the edge of each piece about 1/8" on one long side and clipped Vs in the folded edge.

Then I used the old roll it on your thigh trick to get a good curve.  For those of you that aren't familiar with it, you simply lay it on your leg and use the handle of a paintbrush, or in this case a crochet hook to roll back and forth over it until it curves.  It's a much more controlled curve than the one that you get using a dull edge to pull the paper across.

After that I cut a circle smaller than the diameter of the box for the bottom and one a tiny bit larger for the top and glued the top and the bottom of the box together separately...Yes the box opens.

I decorated the outside with bunka and a copper leaf pen, run around the scalloped edge of the top.

As soon as I finished, Tessie confiscated it, saying, "Hey!  Thanks for the box for Spike's doggy treats!"

So much for the boudoir box that I had in mind.

Yes.  I did another shelf this morning.  This one was easy, so I had time to play with the mail. 

I only have the closet wall(hard to do) and the 3 bookcases to do....I am not mentioning the stuff that is  between the stacked drawers in the closet or behind the closet door...That doesn't count.

The squirrels just invaded the back yard and are pounding on the back door, demanding food.  I guess I should go feed them before they start digging in the flower pots on the back porch again(they really do)...Gotta go!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Casey, you forgot to show us a picture of your box! I would have liked to have seen it!

Lucille said...

Sorry, I just realized Tessie is holding it in her smart little hands! It's cute!

Rhissanna said...

Wow! I love the detail on the weeny box. I didn't know about the thigh trick (does that sound kinky? but I can see it's going to be really useful.

Is everyone clearing up their craft room? I really ought to get on board. I can't reach my sewing machine without stepping over the chaos in mine.

Fabiola said...

I like the scene with Tessie.
Bye Faby

Anonymous said...

I love that shelf that looks like a dollhouse! :) My daughter has a wood doll house shoe rack, i wonder if she would mind if i converted it...
-Lucinda F.