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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weeding Can Be Fun....

OK.  The weeding part isn't really fun...I lied. 

The fun part is finding new mini supplies in the garden....I use that term loosely....My back yard is haphazard at best, but it is fun.

Maybe after I get it straightened out, I will show you more of it.  Right now...No...

This morning I was out there doing the usual raking.  It seems like that is a never ending job.

I noticed that some of the plants that I use  for mini were ready to harvest.  And I found some new ones.
You have seen me use the Nandina(Heavenly Bamboo) a lot.  The apple tree and the geranium planter in the first photo have stems and branches that I simply picked off of the plant at the right time of year.  If you catch it just right, it has red seed pods that stay attached to the branches when you pick them.  Add leaves and instant apple tree.

I found this year, if you catch the buds before they open, they will dry and stay attached.  They look like tiny unopened tulips. I haven't tried anything with these yet.

Next, while raking, I found the weeds that are in the second photo.  They are actually native desert plants around here, but when you don't particularly want them in your yard, they are weeds.  I don't know the name, but I think that, years ago, someone painted some for bushes in one of the mini magazines. 

They aren't quite dry enough to do that yet.  Patience....I do wish I had some....
This next one is my Penstemon plant.  They also grow wild in the desert.  They are April's favorite.

I decided to collect some of the seeds for her....As I did, I realized that I was taking seeds out of miniature dutch tulips!  You will have to blow them up to get a closer look.  All I did was paint them with a wash of Ceramcoat Tuscan Red.  All I have to do is add leaves and put them in a pot.  Very cool!
Last, but not least, is my Passion Vine.  Back when I was doing mini shows in the 80s, I discovered that I could take the little tendrils off, when they were green, form them into wreaths and let them dry.

The one that Tessie is holding is the only one that I have left.  They sold well...People were fascinated by "real" mini grapevines.  They do look just like the real thing and when they dry, they harden.  As you can see, I made hearts as well as circle wreaths.

The nice thing about collecting the tendrils is I always seem to accidentally cut at least a few flowers to float in a bowl of water.

Anyway, I just thought that I would put you on alert....Go for a walk.  Get down on your hands and knees every once in a while and look at the weeds.  You might just find something interesting and mini.

Tessie and I are going to go paint tulips and make wreaths now.

See you tomorrow.


anna said...

Thanks!!! There is a whole long, big, "bush" of passion wine outside my house!!! Going outside RIGHT NOW!!!! Many Greetings, Anne

Sans! said...

I so agree , Casey! I love using real plants too and experiment by placing them in jars and bottles to see how long they last. Karin suggested that we paint dried flowers, moss and plants with acrylic to retain the colours and that worked really well for some of my projects.

I find tips about using planta for mini extremely helpful so thanks !

Lucille said...

Thanks for the tips, Casey!