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Friday, June 8, 2012

Second Base....

This morning I spent a couple of hours in the back yard, pruning and raking....Still not finished...I won't be for a while.

I have to do it in the morning when it is cool. It is 96 degrees right now and going up....

When I came back in, I started on a base for the crooked house.

Since I plan to display several of the half timber pieces together, I decided to put the same kind of base under each one.
That way, when I do put them together they will look more uniform.

I measured the crooked house and didn't make allowance on the side for extra.  I will butt the sides of this one up against two others when I put them together.  I did leave enough room in front for  a pathway.  Other than that, it isn't going to have any yard.

I made it 14" square.  I used a piece of 1/8" luan mahogany door skin for the top and some cove molding that I had in the garage for the sides.

I simply cut the cove in 14" lengths, mitered all of the ends of the four pieces.  Then I glued and nailed them to the top with small brads....I wonder whom Brad was and why did they name tiny headless nails after him....Sorry....Just another stray thought.

By the time I finished putting the base together, I decided I had had enough raking, sawing and hammering for the day.
I had to do something sitting down for a while.

I spotted the quarter inch half timber wall house.  Hey! It's half timber, so it counts.

I haven't worked on it for a while The peaked roof is covered with shingles.  I have been putting off the slanted one.  I had a row and a half done on that.

After another hour of work...I have three rows done.  Those teeny tiny shingles are a pain.  I think that is one of the things that I keep shying away from on this house.  If I can get them finished, I think that the rest of it will be a breeze.

In case you are wondering about the giant baby living on the third floor, that's Amare.  I stuck that photo in there right after April gave it to me.  The house hangs on the wall by the bed.  I like being able to look over there and see a smiling face.  I guess he will have to move when I finish the house.  Another good excuse to stop shingling for the day....He is good company whilst I work.

I am off to make banana bread.  That has to be more fun than tiny shingles.

See you tomorrow.


maria l. said...

As beautiful as all you made
Tan bonita como todo lo que haces. Muy original
Te felicito

Sandra from Sydney said...

Well, every little bit you add to it means you are that much closer to finishing it so it all helps. The base is a good size.