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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No Bedknobs...Just Broomsticks...

The witches will be arriving at one....I had to go into town for a few foodstuffs...Witches aren't very agreeable if they aren't well fed. I know this from experience with Tessie.  She is always a happy camper if you give her a cookie.

While in town, I made my usual run through Walmart.  It's about the only store besides the grocers at 5 in the morning...Now you know why I am always mentioning it. 

Anyway, while wandering around, I found a new toy.  I guess it is more of a portable storage unit, but it will keep me amused for hours. 

I hate the outside.  I will probably cover it with fabric or paper.  I love the inside. 

I have been looking for some of these little containers  and all I could find were ones filled with either hooks or sinkers in the fishing department. 

Each one has six compartments that open separately.  I wanted them to store jewelry findings.  Now I have 36 little holes to fill....If Tessie doesn't get to them first...

She immediately started popping them open and humming...That's a bad sign...

"These would be great for food storage! A different compartment for potatoes, carrots, mandrake root, sassafras, spinach and dried bat wings.

I hope that you have gone back to the beginning of Tessie's story.  She details the collecting of bat wings without harming any bats, somewhere along the way.  She turns them into mice and their wings simply fall off in the process...No harm. No foul.

Anyway, here's the inside of the case. I think that she is going to change her mind about wanting them....She fears that someone will close the case when she is inside looking for something....Then we will have to store pieces of Tessie in all of the little compartments.  That wouldn't be good.

They had two different sizes of these.  I got the larger, with six containers.  They had another one with a prettier outside...Only four containers...For the same price!  Which one would you choose....I can always use more space.  Never less.  

This is why I work so slowly...I looked out the window and had to stop to take a photo of my dinner guest. She was first to arrive this morning.  First come is first served with them.

The food will be gone in less than an hour...I stay inside after it's gone.  It's never safe to wander around the back yard if some of them didn't get their share.......They would probably start nibbling on my toes.  And besides, it's already 92 degrees.  I am no fool.  No nibbled toes and air conditioning inside....

I have to go cook now.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Great little storage container! I'm going to look at MY Walmart for one.
The container minus the storage boxes might make a really cool "modern" 1/2 scale house? Maybe 1/4 scale? Can't tell. Lots of little round floors to decorate!
Like I need another project...
On second thought. I'll just keep working on the things I've already started!
Have fun with the witches!

ebru said...

It is brilliant storage!! So compact too. I've been silently following your blog for some time now. I know that a lot of people must have told you over the years, but I just wanted to mention one more time, YOU ARE GREAT:) You are a great teacher, a wonderful story teller! And of course a wonderful miniaturist :)Just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely blog! Take care

Caseymini said...

Kathi, they are in the craft department, with the jewelry supplies. Good idea for the mini with it.

Lucille said...

Fantastic little case, Casey! I laughed at everything you said about Tessie's plans for the box and how she makes bat wings! You're funny!