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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Ain't Afraid of No Rats!!!

Oops!  That's supposed to be ghosts, isn't it?

Tomorrow, the witches are coming.  I need to spruce up the real house.  I can't use the dining room table or the kitchen, for that matter.

So...I am faking the mini portion today. 

Whilst cleaning, I saw this sitting in the corner of the family room.  Walter's mom bought me this sewing stand about 35 years ago.  She knew that I liked old things and especially old sewing things. 

What does that have to do with rats?  The poor little box has become the place that I put leftover Christmas and Halloween decorations, if I miss any when cleaning up. 

I don't use the chest for it's original purpose because there are a few parts missing and one end has a big chunk of wood missing. 

Hang on.  I am getting to the mini part.  Since it will never  be antique eligible, I am thinking that it would make a nice sewing room in miniature.  I can easily slide one of the sides out.  Then I was thinking that I could replace the panel with either a piece of glass cut to size or maybe a frame that would fit in that side.

Meanwhile, Tessie hangs out there quite frequently, with her friends.  Yet another project to get to.....

I moved a large antique crock that was sitting in this spot by the front door.  Walter didn't like running into the eucalyptus branches that were in it....So, I gave him this to run into instead.  It doesn't stick out quite so far.

Now that I see the photo, I may switch the conservatory and the dome.  The swing is hard to see.  You have to get on your knees to look at it.

The conservatory, not so much.  It is really the outside that is the most interesting.

The next thing that I did was change the tablecloth under Tessie's traded house.  As soon as I did, she decided it would be OK as a temporary residence......To quote her,"Until something better comes along..."

She seems to think that the green tablecloth that usually spends most of the year, with the exception of Christmas in the closet, looks like grass....What an imagination...It looks like polyester/cotton blend to me.

Anyway, that's as far as I have gotten today...At least I got to touch a few miniatures.

Maybe I will be able to let the witches in the front door, after a few more hours of cleaning....Maybe.....Has anybody seen the shovel I was using?

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

I agree. The sewing cabinet would make a great little sewing room!
Love your idea of taking one side out and replacing it with glass. Could be very cool...

Your mini eye is always at work!

Lucille said...

That would certainly be a lovely project!