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Monday, June 4, 2012

I Love It When Supplies Come Together...

I have been working on this rug for a while now.  To keep the threads from disappearing, I keep them on an earring...Yes, I know that you can buy rings that are especially for this purpose....They are two to the package and at least $3.00, when you can find them.

I think that I wrote about this once before, but it needs repeating.  I got these cards of earrings at Walmart for under $5.00 for twelve rings per card.  Quite a savings. 

I bought two cards, thinking that I would try out the two different styles.  I knew that I would use them all.  Sooner or later. I like the ones with the catch best for the embroidery thread.  The other ones look best for what I am about to show you.

I have used some, but not all.

I use a lot of different over dyed embroidery threads for tatting and basket making...What is the connection?

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of hoop earrings and dangling ones that are wrapped with multicolored thread.  They go for $3.88(Walmart) and up(other stores)

The light bulb went on above my head this morning, after I examined a pair at Walmart.  Sure enough, they were the same kind of hoops, just wrapped with thread.

You do the math.  Four or five dollars for one pair or six pair for five dollars if you do it yourself.  Plus one six strand piece of over dyed floss that I happened to have in my stash.  I used three strands on each earring.

It took me about an hour to make the three pair that you see in the last photo...Pretty cool.  I can have a pair of matching earrings for everything.

All I did was use white glue on the front side of the earring hoop and back cover about a quarter of an inch with the wrap.  Then I continued on wrapping tightly until I reached the back side of the loop.  There, I simply put on some white glue and wrapped the thread to the end.  I let it dry and then clipped it.

I am now thinking of bangle bracelets done the same way.  I noticed that they had 18 metal bangles in either gold or silver.  They were very inexpensive also.  I am thinking that, if I thread some beads on the floss before I start wrapping, I could simply slide one down where I want it and then continue wrapping.... 

I am thinking that these could very well be like potato chips....Bet you can't make just one...

Back to minis tomorrow. See you then.

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Lucille said...

Thanks for the tips, Casey. The earrings look very nice!