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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fast and Furious....

This morning I finished the embroidery on the under dress for Nellie. 

It was simply two strands of embroidry floss woven through the open work on the skirt, sleeves and stomacher.

In the first photo, I had just started.  I ran the green floss around all of the edges and up the blocks at the sides.

Then with yellow, I filled in the curved design.  In the center of the design, I wove the thread through twice to make the center stalk thicker than the branches.

The last step was to put a center in each of the flowers.  That was done with a single wrapped french knot.

I have glued the stomacher in place and am ready to start the over dress.

But first I have to stop and get ready to go to the Wednesday Witches mini meeting.

Oh!  I did do one other thing.


They aren't very fancy.  I tried leather, but they just looked too thick.

I finally settled on the knit lining material from one of the gloves that I had been using.

I simply cut a U shape from the fabric.  then I put glue on the foot and wrapped the fabric where I wanted it.

I did the same for the sole, trimming it after it was on the foot.

The last step was to add a bow on the toe.

They aren't fancy, but they won't be seen much either.  With these on her feet, she will be able to balance more easily when she stands.

I have to go and get ready now...No more Nellie work for today.

See you tomorrow.


Minteriors said...

Now that is what I would call that b-e-e-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!

Linnea said...

A very effective way to add colour to her dress, lovely work!

Lucille said...

Casey, I must say that Nellie's face is just so beautiful. The hair colour and different hairdo make the world of difference. It's like it gave her a new personality. And, of course, that dress is stunning, to say the least. Beautiful work from a most talented lady!

Fabiola said...

This dress is fabulous!
Bye Faby

Kathi said...

Oh my goodness Casey! This dress is gorgeous! So beautiful! I love Nellie's face and hair too. So pretty! Are you SURE she has a grumpy attitude? In this one would never know!