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Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Tiny Little Problem....

OK.  It took me almost three hours to trim and fit that little bit of paving that you see on the front and one side of the Crooked cottage.

I took the house off of the foundation to do it.  Then, when it the job was finished, I set the house back in place.

Can you guess what the tiny little problem was?

Well.....I only did the paving where the house wasn't.  Not where the house sits on the board.

When I sat the house back in place I went to open the front of the house....I had to lift the front of the house to open the door, clear of the paving stones.   

It was one of those "Duh!" moments that we all have.  Especially in miniature.  Oh well....

It will be easy enough to fix.  I will just lift the house up by the same height as the pavement, plus an extra little bit.  Then the door will open without having to lift anything...I hope.  I am pretty sure.

I just need to get back to it and fix the error.

I am getting absolutely no sympathy from the Terrible Two, plus One...

They told me that I should work well into the night to get it back to a working door.  I think that I may need a lot of support.  The three of them now seem to be working together....HELP!!!
In the meantime, I have to show you the neat assortment of beads that I found at Walmart this morning. 

They were put there just for me.  Or maybe not....  They have quite large holes and will look wonderful on Kumihimo ropes. 

Yes.  I realize that will mean a sidetrack to Kumihimoland.  It's not a problem though.  The Kumihimo is something that I do in the evenings, after the mini work is done.

There are about a dozen different colorful assortments.  Walmart seems to be stocking a lot more jewelry making stuff than they used to.  Some of it, like these, are irrisistable to a beader and jewelry maker.

I must raise the house before I start playing with beads!  Somebody, give me a shove back towards the house.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Oh, my goodness, Casey, those beads are so gorgeous! Please show us what you do with them! Too bad about the house, especially after all that work! It's so maddening when things like that happen!

Kathi said...

Isn't it great that we can just pick up a house with one or two hands? Sure can't do that in real life! :D

I can't even seem to "pick up" one room in my real house to make it look presentable to my daughter. But then, she doesn't make minis so she can't understand...

I would go with the beads if it were MY decision! LOL Those sure are pretty!

Christine said...

Loving you blog & am giving you a Liebster blog award details on my blog
have a good day hun & keep on bloggin!

Caseymini said...

Christine, there is "One Tiny Little Problem". That award is for people with 200 or less followers. Thanks for thinking of me. I no longer do the "pass it on" type of awards anyway...Please give it to someone that qualifies. Thanks.