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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There Was a Little Girl, That Had a Little Curl.....

A truce has been called.  Nellie promised to be nicer if I would get rid of that horrid bun at the back of her head and let her loosen up, so to speak...

So, the Terrible Two agreed to let her have her way, with the understanding that, the first cross word that comes from her mouth puts her in danger of going into the stocks for a couple of days.  And they volunteered to build the stocks themselves...

I am not sure that they are thinking straight...That would give me something to hold over their heads as well....Misbehave and to the stocks with you!

Anyway, Nellie got a load of all of the different choices of hair and decided on a practical chestnut shade.  The first photo shows the basic wig.  I simply spread out the hair and glued it to the head, where the hairdo would go.

I used a small metal knitting needle to form curls.  The hair was separated into small strands and wrapped around the knitting needle, then sprayed with hairspray.  There is another method that can be used.  They can simply be put in the oven for a while at a low temperature.

I don't use the second method, because the mohair is very dry to begin with and this will make it all the drier.   Just one woman's choice.
While the curls were drying, I took another strand of the mohiar about the size that you see hanging over Parnell's shoulder.  I twisted it as I did the perle cotton to make a rope.

Again, if you hold it by the middle and let it twist back on itself it will wind up into a nice loose bun.

Nellie says this is much easier on her brain.  Not so tight as to cause a headache.  Maybe that is why she was so disgruntled before.

As you can see, I didn't try for a formal style.  She is, after all, a working woman.  She needs a quick style that will stay out of her way when she is at her embroidery.

It still needs trimming of stray hairs  and maybe a couple of hair ornaments, but she now looks much more relaxed and ready to work.

And she does have the curl in the middle of her forehead...

Amazing, I have not heard even one small curse word from her all morning....But....She just now started in about the clothes. 

It seems that she wants MORE embroidery on the underdress.  It will show at the bottom half of the sleeves and the front opening of her overdress....At least she isn't yelling at me.  It was a simple request.

I have to go hunt up the thread and start stitching.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

That's a beautiful hairstyle, Casey! The hair colour and style give her a much softer look!

Steinworks said...

I agree it's a much softer look for her, no wonder she was a Harpy before the poor things bun was too tight.

Minteriors said...

Nellie has a very pretty face, Casey, and I do believe that her new hairdo is most flattering. Is it any wonder that her attitude has improved? A girl does want to look her best, especially when she is going to be in the public eye!!! : )

Rosethé said...

elle est belle, cette personne ! Tout est super, que ce soit les maisons, les éléments de décoration, les personnages .. Que de talents réunis !!!
Un vrai régal de se promener sur votre blog. (Minima)

esen ceyhun said...

Amazing work

Fabiola said...

This hairstyle is perfect for Nellie.
Bye Faby