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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sidetracked From the Beading Sidetrack....

It's getting pretty bad when I start off on a sidetrack of beading and then get sidetracked from that to kumihimo, but that's what happened.

You see, the kumihimo boxes and the pendant boxs were right beside the beading....And much easier to get to.  Not nearly as messy.

So....I opted for the easy way out.  I had eight or nine cords all finished and ready to go for necklaces.

All I had to do was put the caps on the end of the cords and a closure on those.  The cords are all cotton on these.

The first three are a poly clay snail that I did a few years ago, a fancy pendant watch from Walmart and a composit turquoise doughnut.  Don't ask why I didn't finish these before.  Actually, the watch was finished, but I don't think that I ever showed it on the blog.  The snail was finished, but I always wore it on a plain chain. No excuse for the turquoise.

The next three are a obsidian doughnut, a very old turquoise pendant(Native American) and a coiled and beaded caboshon that I made last year.

The first one is woven with silk cord.  The second one with overdyed perle cotton.  The third one with embroidery floss, all six strands.

You can do kumihimo with just about any kind of thread.  My friend Maureen just learned a couple of weeks ago and is doing interesting things with colored hemp.

This last one is my favorite....I just started it yesterday and I only have about 9" done so far.  I bought the silk at the bead show.  It is actually  a kind of silk ribbon that is also over dyed.  I am going to try to get some better photos after it is finished.  This picture doesn't catch the light like the real thing.

The colors are an exact match for the streaks of Australian Opal that are in the stone pendant. 

I just might have to finish this one today.  Might....

Tomorrow I will go back to work on the Weaver's Cottage.

See you then.

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Kathi said...

You have SO many talents! No wonder you get sidetracked. :D

Your jewelry is beautiful. Sure wish I saw an Etsy shop with your name on it!