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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Mad Scientest Strikes Again...

This morning, I found Zar working on the chimney when I awakened. 

He couldn't manage the paint bottles, so he tried chalk pastels.  Good try.  It seems to me that the color was a bit too distinct and almost patchwork like.

Sorry Zar, nice work, but not cigar.

 When I backed away and took a photo, there was little or no color visable.  Let's just say that we were curious about how the chalks would work.  Way too subtle.

If I had been happy with it, all I would have had to do was spray it with fixative.  So much for that idea.
It's hard to see in the far away photos.  But the paints blended better and the rocks are far superior to the ones with the pastels.  I also like the way that the shaded areas look too.  Much more blendable.

I also did a bit of dirty washing on the plaster, between the timbers.  That didn't work at all with the pastels, but the paint worked well.  It always does.  Hey, I am still that six year old that likes to see what will happen when I use a different box of crayons.

Now you can clearly see the pattern of the stone, wrapping around the chimney.

I still have to put stonework around the main part of the house and around the base board.  If I finish that, I am going to reward myself.

Walter is out playing golf and I am free to play for the rest of the day.

I am going to read a good book.  I got this for mother's day. 

Then I am going to play with beads for the rest of the afternoon.

See you tomorrow.

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Carla Alessandra said...

Oi adorei, esta muito bonito. Passei aqui para deixar um prêmio para você, passa la no meu blog. Espero que goste.