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Friday, May 18, 2012

No Sharpies...Mark It!

I went to look for the big packs of Sharpies in lots of colors this morning and neither Walmart or K Mart had anything but hot eighties colors.  Not suitable for stained glass.

Sooooo....I went with Bic Mark it.  They were cheaper than the Sharpies and had FOUR bonus pens in black.  You can't beat that.

They promised to be permanent and they kept their promise on the plastic anyway.

I had all of the lead in place, so I decided that I had nothing to lose, trying to remove the Sharpie ink from yesterday...I used nail polish remover and it worked.

The color on these pens are much more subtle than the Sharpies and in some cases I had to use two coats.  Actually, that was better.  It meant that I could have the same color with different hues if I wanted them.

I just held the plastic up behind the glass to see how they looked and I was very pleased.

Of course Tessie, the critic,  had to keep telling me to move it a bit to the left or right.  I never did get it exactly where she wanted it.

They will look different after I cut them out and put a mitered frame around them to install, but for now, I am satisfied.

In this photo, you can see some of the different textures you can get when you play with the nail polish a bit. 

I Made sure that all of the strokes went lengthwise of the glass.  It really does look a lot like some of the stained glass that I worked with in real size. 

Years ago, I took a stained glass class with a friend.  I turned out quite a few pieces....I no longer have any of them. 

I have no desire to go back to it and replace them with new ones.  I had cuts on my hands and bruises from the hammer that we put the horseshoe nails into the work board with....Minis are much easier to do and not as many cuts and bruises.  At least not when doing stained glass...The real thing is too much like work.

We are going to see the Avengers this morning.  When I get home, I am going to finish the chimney if it kills me!

Tessie and Zar have both volunteered to use a whip and a chair to keep me in line until I do it.  Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.


Elga said...

The windows looks great, your house is getting more character by the day!

Kathi said...

Ooooooh! You had me at that box of pretty colored pens! I think I NEED another set of markers. These colors are great!

Nice job on the windows Casey! I think they look pefect!

Hope you enjoyed the Avengers. Looks too scary for me!

SharonS said...

I'm glad to know the Bic markers worked for you. I'm a big fan of Sharpies, but their colors ARE pretty intense and saturated. I can see that a more subtle and transparent color would work better on stained glass windows. And I haven't seen anyone else use clear nail polish to mimic old glass. I like it. Thanks for all the hints.

P.S. I'm waiting for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel to hit our neck of the woods...that's the movie I want to see.

Minka's Studio said...

I like these colors much better than what you had yesterday.

Troy said...

The art glass looks great. It will come in handy someday when I get to work on miniatures again! The place is coming along great.

Cris Bottaro said...

Hello, fantástco your work is so charming! Congratulations and a kiss on your heart.

miniacollection said...

The windows are great and a perfect addition to the house.