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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Wire.......

No. Not the TV series, the electrical wire in the crooked cottage. To say the least, it is very strange.

Sue never did anything to the cottage, so I know it was there before she bought it.

Walter found something on the net last night that said that Graham Wood put his wiring in the beams...OK...Right. One wire.

It runs up into the attic, where there is no way on earth to get to it if something goes wrong. The attic doesn't open. No way. No how.

I unscrewed the chimney to fix it and this is what I found. The other end of said wire....OK... I ascertained that it was definitely the other end by gently tugging at it. Yup. The wire inside moved.

The one inside was a foot or so long. Too much to hang a ceiling fixture. I surmised that it was to be used in conjunction with the outside wire to connect things. It just had not been cut.

As you can see, there is an opening for the second floor fireplace. It can be lit.

After much fussing and messing with bulbs that didn't light, I found a flickering fireplace unit and one bulb that did light, in my stash of electrical...

I had plenty of extra wire, so I was set. At least to test it out. I will have to make or buy some kind of hanging lamp.

I put a new lead on for the fireplace that connected to the main wire and just a light bulb on the end of the original wire. I finally got them to work, so I know it can be done.

Now for the puzzling part. the bottom floor has absolutely no provision for electrical at all! In fact, the fireplace is less than a half inch deep and has no hearth. Very strange.

I heard Tessie and Zar discussing it. Tessie was speculating that it might have either buried treasure or a body bricked in behind it.... Hmmmm.....

I am now trying to decide if it would be OK to cut open the fireplace and make it a working one too. I am not sure that I want to fuss with it, but it just looks really strange to me. Wouldn't the bottom floor have the working fireplace? Heat rises.

I am not going to rush to judgment, but I would just like to have that fireplace work too...Tessie is saying, "Leave well enough alone. Who knows what is behind that wall of brick?"

Maybe she is right. Do we really want to know? I am going now to sit in a corner, work on the Weaver's Workshop and think about the fireplace situation.

See you tomorrow.


April said...

I want to know who is hidden behind the brick. There could also be jewels in there. You never know!

Lady Jane said...

I love the crooked little house. It is darling. I can very well see why you wanted this gem.

Lucille said...

Casey, I also want to know what's behind the fireplace wall! I am a very, very curious girl. You are right about the heat rising, so you will have to do something about it. Otherwise, the little person living there will freeze when she goes up to bed. Oh, and I can't wait to see who you will select as the lucky tenant.

Kristin said...

I want to know what's back there too!