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Friday, April 27, 2012

Very Little Minis Today....

I don't mean that they are very, very small.  I mean that I probably won't get to do much in the way of minis today.

Yesterday afternoon, I had someone show interest in the Crooked Cottage....It seems that she is out of favour with the Queen and needs a place to live....Cheap....

Unfortunately, as soon as she showed up, so did Tessie and Zar, trying to talk her out of the place.  The told her she had to go beg for Her Majesty's  mercy.

I didn't stick around to see what would happen.  I was busy rearranging furniture and reorganizing the mini corner in the family room.

I am trying the new  blog thingy again and I am starting to get mad.  I can't seem to get the photos where I want them.  Grrrrr.  I keep getting a lot of big gaps.  I drag the photos to where I want them and they just jump to somewhere else.  Sorry.

Anyway, Here is the reorganized corner.  I'm still not satisfied.                                                                              
What with doing this, I had to move furniture out of the workroom, into the family room, and vice versa.  I wound up with a mess.
And more mess...Would you like to hazard a guess as to what I will be doing for the rest of the day???

See you tomorrow, with a cleaner workroom....I hope!


Jennifer said...

Personally I think it takes 30 days to organize a workroom! You'll have to check out Mini Narta's Clean up on my blog Quarterspace.

Your miniature corner is great - I'll have to talk those that live in my house into a similar spot. I know just the right one!

Caseymini said...

It has been my experience that the workroom clean up is an ongoing job! It is never done.LOL

Minka's Studio said...

I lost 2 recipe postings with the new Blogger. ARG!

Lucille said...

Hi Casey! Organizing the workroom is one thing and keeping it tidy is another. And, we're all the same, aren't we. At the moment, in my bedroom, I have a little table full of mini stuff and building equipment. If I had put it away when I was finished, it would now be in the proper cupboard. There's also some stuff on a chair in the dining room. Good luck with the cleanup, Casey. There you go again!

Please let that lovely lady doll have the house. Just think of something to tell the terrible two! Or else Her Majesty might just have her poor head!