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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Whinging and Whining....

Well....The Elizabethan lady tried moving in a couple of pieces of furniture this morning. She got as far as the Warren Dick Tudor table and one of the joint stools....I think that she needs to lower her sights. The word she needs to learn is "downsizing". You should have heard the ruckus that she put up when she saw that it would take up half of the downstairs room.

I am thinking of building out the fireplace just a bit and drilling a hole through the back, so that she will at least be able to cook(not that she will want to). That's what she gets for irritating the queen.

Meanwhile, I found a bunch of "Skiny Sticks" on sale at Walmart this morning. I have never used them for flooring, but I know people that have. Since this cottage is supposed to be rustic, I think that they will do for the floors.

I proceeded to stain a bunch of them with Minwax Red Mahogany. Then, starting at the front opening, I laid them crosswise.

For those of you that haven't been around to see me lay a floor before, this is my favorite trick. Years ago a friend showed me how to keep them from warping. Instead of putting glue all along each piece, you put dots of white glue about 3/4" to 1" apart. That prevents the whole thing from being moist in one long strip and thus, it doesn't have a chance to warp. It really does work.

Here's the start of the bottom floor. I am staggering all of the pieces, so that the joints won't be in a straight line. I left the longer ones hanging. When I put the annex onto the main building, I will simply put glue on the backs of the loose ends and weight them down. That way there will be no discernible line between the two rooms. And it will make the join stronger.

That's as far as I am going for now. Walter and I are going to see "The Raven" and maybe lunch today. That cuts out a chunk of time for minis. It will probably send me off in a new direction of mini-ing too. The main character in this is Edgar Allan Poe, played by John Cusack. At one time, I toured one of EAP's homes. That was before minis, but I have thought of doing a room box for him....I know....Finish what you start....

See you tomorrow.


Jazzi said...

Wow love the tips! John Cusack is a great actor I hope you enjoy! Jxx

Kathi said...

Skinny sticks at WalMart! It's about time!
I can't wait to hear your take on "The Raven." I want to see that movie too. I toured Poe's home in Philadelphia once. It was eerie. All done in black with red velvet furniture and draperies. Really cool. I signed the guest book, "Kindred spirits evermore."

Lucille said...

I guess the Elizabethan lady will just have to learn to live with less. I wonder how she will be organizing her new home. Perhaps she will learn how to cook. It would be interesting to see what she makes. Hope you enjoyed the movie. I might go see it. I very seldom go now.