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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kind of Mini....Sort of.....

We spent the morning on the back patio. It is such a beautiful day that we couldn't stay inside.

It all started yesterday on PBS. There was a gardening show about growing veggies and herbs in pots...OK. So I am a sucker for trying things.

The only problem is, my mind wanders.... While I was searching for veggies, I happened onto this Euphorbia. It's flowers and leaves definitely qualify as minis. Not necessarily the stems. I am a big fan of euphorbias of all kinds. They are very unusual and easy to grow in the desert. They have all of the qualifications of cacti, but a lot of them come without the thorns.

Of course Tessie likes them because she can climb them without getting stuck.

She couldn't wait to show you the blooms and leaves. The blooms are tiny yellow balls with an even more tiny group of petals on top of each one....To me this qualifies as doing miniatures...OK I am stretching it a bit.

I also planted a patio tomato in a pot and some basil. That's the veggies and herb part.

I still have six zucchini plants six green beans and a YELLOW watermelon plant to do....Those will have to wait til tomorrow. I ran out of dirt for the pots and besides, some of them are going right into the garden.

Anyway, after repotting and newly potting 26 plants and doing a bit of garden ground prepping, I am officially off duty for the day.

Incidentally, we did make some progress in the Crooked Cottage... After much grilling, poking and prodding on Tessie's part, we found out our new tenant's name. She is Lettice Knollys.

Tessie immediately changed Lettice to Letty, which to say the least did not please the new tenant. I do believe that the two of them are not going to be best buddies. Tessie may never be invited for tea and crumpets at this rate. We shall see...

There really was a lady in waiting to QE1 by this name. I doubt if they were one in the same. This one didn't marry Robert Dudley. This one got kicked out of court.

By the way, if you want some great names for your people, go here. I had a great time wandering around the site. At the bottom of the page are connections to a page of men's names, women's names and sir names from the Elizabethan era. I found out that my mom's maiden name would have fit right in.

I am going now to pretend to do minis....While napping. Great trick if you can do it.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying a Sunday in the garden.
As a fan of Elizabethan literature,
I know Lettice Knollys was a very
colorful character and when she
married Robert Dudley, she enraged
Elizabeth I, who never forgave her.
Perhaps some of that drama will appear in your mini Lettice's life.

Lucille said...

Hi Casey! That little corner of your garden is lovely! You seem to have a green thumb! I hardly get any sun on my balcony as it faces north. I'm rather limited as to what I can put in my planters.

I like the lady in waiting's new name. I think the shortened version is cute!

Michelle said...

I loved this blog post, though yours are always fun!

I was firstly fascinated how the euphorbia's available where you are in the US differ, from the type we can grow outside in the UK. You are in the dessert of course! The leaves and flowers are quite different from what we grow overhere, but I love them all. :o))

Secondly, I found my surname on that list you shared. It's very rare and very old (pre dates 1066) and it had a spelling you don't see too often (there are many different spellings of it).

Michelle ;o))