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Friday, April 6, 2012

Sorting It All Out....

Before we go to Carmel, I would like to be able to sit in my own chair and walk around the workroom without tripping. Notice I didn't say "I am going to" do that....

We are back to the icky version of the workroom....No fun to go into.

I started, but then I ran into the traveling work box that I usually take on trips with Tessie. It will fill the time when I am not running around looking at houses or writing blogs...

Unfortunately, it was in sad shape. I never refilled it from the last trip we took. So, to rectify that, I pulled everything out of it and started over from scratch... Some things can go back in as is, but others have to be replaced or replenished.

The hardest part was finding my glue syringe and needle nosed bottle and filling them. The whole thing was a comedy of errors. It took me a while to find the syringe and then I went to fill it and the glue went everywhere but into said syringe.

I had to clean out the needle nosed bottle. Evidently, the last time I used it, I closed it with a non stainless steel pin...The glue was about the color of coffee with cream and that just doesn't work on Tessie's white bloomers.

She keeps telling me she needs a whole new outfit, from the skin out. Oh well, we have four days....Walter will be playing Pebble Beach Monday. That will give me time...Maybe. That's if I don't get lost photographing the fairy tale cottages.

Anyway, in case you ever want to take your whole workroom on a trip, here's a list of all of the stuff that is in the box...This is one of the Plano fishing tackle boxes from Walmart. They are great because you can adjust the dividers to suit your needs.

Also the tiny plastic bags that I use for small parts are from Walmart in the craft department. They carry several sizes. Very inexpensive.

Yours may not be the same as mine.

From front to back, left to right, here we go...Row one.

Section 1: Tiny bag of jewelry findings to use for purse closures and shoe decorations, tiny bag of silk roses that I made the last time I used this, floss cards wrapped with ribbon and bunka in various colors, lace on cards, floss for making rugs.

Section 2: Spool of #32 cloth covered wire for basket making, cards of overdyed floss for basket making, toothpicks, a roll of bonded batting for first aid for Tessie, a small matchbox converted into a sewing kit(pins, tapestry and regular needles and 10 tiny spools of thread).

Section 3:Various scraps of glove leather and lizard skin for making shoes and purses.

Section 4: Various loose laces and a roll of florist's tape(also for the Tessie first aid kit).

Section 5: Eight pieces of fabric, to be used for Tessie's cloths, or whatever.

Section 6: A larger piece of fabric and red mohair(In case Tessie wants a new hairdo).

Row 2.

Section 1: Various cardstock strips, #24 congress cloth for rugs, pipe cleaners(first aid for Tessie in case of a broken arm or leg!), Penelope canvas for baskets, 3" scissors and a six inch steel ruler.

Section 2: Fine pointed sharp scissors, glue syringe with Tacky glue, needle nosed glue bottle with Elmer's glue(it's thinner than the Tacky) curved nose tweezers, rose making tool, pen, pencil, Exacto knife and emery board.

Last row...

Section 1: Finished and unfinished baskets.

Section 2: Fiskars scissor sharpener.

Section 3: Metal hair clips for holding things together.

Section 4: Fun foam pieces.

Section 5: Cardstock hat forms.

Section 6: Round Woodsies for the bottoms of baskets.

Section 7: Forms for purses from foam core and cardstock.

Section 8: Lots of cut up tampon tubes to use for bolster pillows and barrel purses....

I am sure that is more than you ever wanted to know about what I carry with me when going on a trip....

I am going to go watch our squirrels eat lunch now....Seriously....Well maybe not too seriously.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Thanks, Casey, for a wonderful and helpful post. Don't forget to pack Tessie!

Kathi said...

I packed the little box you sent me on my last trip to Florida. I also took along tons of flower/plant making supplies and some cross stitch stuff. NOTHING got done! Not one thing!
I was too busy enjoying the sun, the sand and my kids to even think much about minis. LOL
Hope you have a great time! :D

Jennifer Berkeley said...

Not sure that's my list! But I do always take a doll and things to make clothes- which has never really happened! I hope you got Bloger+ working so we'll hear from you.

Caseymini said...

Jennifer, I have decided to take my laptop and camera. No worries. I haven't missed a day in over four years and don't intend to start now!LOL