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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just a Smidgen More.....

The roof is starting to look like a slate roof...It is hard to see in these photos. I am afraid that the subtleties are hard to catch. I'm trying....

The main roof with the skylight is the one that I am working on. The annex has just been painted, but not shaded with pencils. The paint was the same color, even though the annex looks darker.

This is the annex with just paint. Very flat gray.

These are the Prismacolor pencils that I am working with. From top to bottom, black, french gray, metallic tile blue, and celedon green.

I am not trying to change the color of the slate. I am just adding a touch of shadow beneath each shingle with a light line of the black.

Then I am using the side of the pencils on the tips of the shingles and part way up. All of the shingles are getting some of the french gray.

Oops! I forgot to show the metallic copper pencil. I used that on quite a few areas. I used the green and blue in patches of several shingles here and there.

As I said, it is very difficult to get a photo of the colors. They blend into the tiles, as they should.

I think that, if you enlarge this last photo you can see some of the copper and gray.

I still need to get some more color on the roof, but going slow and adding a little at a time is the best way. It is much easier to add a little at a time than it is to take it off.

This is pretty boring, but it is something that I want to do, so I will keep doing it until I get it right.

Back to rubbing on pencil and then smudging it with my fingers. When I finish, my fingers will be more colorful than the tile! Somebody remind me not to rub my nose whilst doing this! For some reason, the color sticks to skin better than it does to egg cartons.

After I am satisfied with the results, I will spray the roof with Patricia Nimocks matte fixative to keep the color where it is supposed to be.....Not on my fingers or nose.

See you tomorrow with a finished roof.


Robin said...

It's a GREAT roof ~ I'm a huge fan of egg boxes too! Love your blog!!

Lucille said...

Hi Casey! I enlarged the photos as much as I could and I can see that what you're doing with the pencils makes a huge difference! The tiles look real!

Rosethé said...

cette construction, hautement ... sportive avance en beauté, la fenêtre du toit est très bien réalisée.
Vous rendez ce projet amusant à suivre par les péripéties de vos deux personnages.

funda said...

Yine çok güzel olmuş . Ellerinize sağlık. Türkiye 'den sevgiler....

Minnie Kitchen said...

the roof looks very realistic! I love it!

hopeful said...

It may be boring to you but I'm fascinated watching the transformation. Beautiful!