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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Somewhat Sidetracked....

I did it again. If you are tuning in while I am writing this, all you will see is photos. I hit the mystery button again. And that is with the old system. I went back a step and now I can do the blog a lot faster, but the mystery button for publishing is still here.

This morning my fingers refused to cut and paste stones. They went on strike and insisted on a break.

So I started back to working on this rug that I was doing a few months ago. I figured it might look OK in the weaver's cottage.

The center medallion is a bit complicated and is going to take some time to finish. So....While I fool around with the rug, I will give you the pattern, so that you can work along...I thought that I put it on here at one time, but I can't find it now, so I will do it again or for the first time....Whichever.

You will have to poke it and enlarge it before you print and remember that it is an original design and not for resale. Personal use only please.

If you want some antique rug patterns to play with, don't forget this site. This URL will send you to a few that can be printed off as is and used. If you look around the whole site, you will find others. There are some nice ones in the alphabetical list, in the "K" section.

The last couple of nights I have been working on some more tangles while watching TV. These are 4" by6".

I bought a tablet that has 150 sheets. That's so I will have extras if I mess up...

I just wanted to show you that I do not have idle hands.

Tessie and Spike still insist that I put chimney pots on the chimney. I don't think that there is any danger of a fire, but they do. I will make it one "Spike" higher. That's 1 3/4". I kind of like having a new unit of measurement. From now on, I just may have to start measuring in Spikes and Half Spikes... Half a Spike is 7/8". I wonder if it will catch on? Probably not. Oh well.

Back to work. Have fun rug making.

See you tomorrow.


Lady Jane said...

Thanks for the site Cassy. You do wonderful rugs.

Kathi said...

Do I see a new greeting card project? "Casey's Cards" I would buy some! :D

Lucille said...

Casey, you're so talented! Your tangles are spectacular, do you hear me or in this case read me? Spectacular, I say! I could never in a million years do anything that remotely resembles what you have accomplished here and I'm quite sure, accomplished effortlessly.

As for Spike, it cracks me up to see him up there on the chimney. Spike, the new unit of measurement! That is so funny!

Your rug is beautiful. I have never done one. Perhaps I will try one day. After I finish my house. Hah Hah Hah! Seriously, I really want to finish it!

Mona said...

It looks like your rug will be wonderful. Thank`s for the link.

Fabiola said...

The rug looks fabulous. Will be a good job!
Bye Faby

zilda said...

You are very talented himself, but tells me one thing (or two): how many hours of your day is done and how you can do so many things always so beautiful? And as you can fit the "real world" in this long day? I need to know urgently!

Debora said...

Tangels... is that an English word for your fantastically detailed "scribbles"??? If so, I'll say, my gosh! They are wonderful!!!

They remind me of the pen and paper that used be next to our phone (that was in the days before "mobiles " existed :-0) Rambling away warming up your ear with the horn, the unconscious mind would make the weirdest drawings... leaving you with the most wicked images after a long phone call.

Yours are as mind-blowing and better, thanks for showing 'm :D