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Friday, April 20, 2012

One Happy Camper Here....Maybe Two....

Last night, I got half way up the chimney with egg cartons. It is looking pretty good, except where the join is. I noticed that I need to break up the line around at the front more. I only did one stone that bridges the gap. Needs more.

I left the house at 4:30AM this morning. This is not unusual for me. I have gotten into the habit of doing this so that I beat the crowds and traffic.

As usual, I stopped for breakfast on the way and then went to Walmart. For the past week they have been doing re sets on their shelves. Thus the happy camper title.

I have been watching carefully to see what they are subtracting and adding to the crafts/yarn/fabric department. I put it that way because all of those used to be in one corner of the store a few years ago. Then the powers that be decided it would be a good idea to scatter the three departments to different sections of the store. It is a bit inconvenient for customers because they put them as far apart as they could get them....It is even worse for the people that work in that department. They have to run all over the store to stock and to wait on customers.

Unfortunately, they didn't move them any closer together, but evidently they are listening to customers a little more. It's like they tossed everything in a big pile and then redistributed everything to a different place.

The good part is, I walked in this morning and discovered that they have reinstated DMC floss. The full line. Also most of the things that go with it...up to #18 hardanger cloth. One thing that puzzled me was, they also put in # 28 tapestry needles....Usually used for very, very fine canvas work....But no fabric to use them on. Evidently, whomever made the list doesn't do needlework.

I bought the #28 needles. I have material that I can use them on.

When I moved on, I found that they are stocking some of the unfinished wood products that they used to have. I found this revolving photo cube that will make a perfect 1/2" room box.

Tessie is irritated that it's not her size.

In the same department, they are bringing back bottled acrylic paints. They aren't on the shelves yet and nobody seems to know what brand it is....I am hoping for Ceramcoat...Fingers crossed.

Last but not least, they have added a section of fat quarters and bundles of quilt fabrics....Always a good place to look for mini fabric. The five pieces on the right of the above photo came in one of the bundles. I know that I can use at least two of them in mini.

Pay no attention to the robot material. That's for Amare....(His dad likes robots.)

After going there and to Target, I ended up at my favorite thrift shop.

I found three books. I was thrilled with the one on Hopi Kachina Dolls. I have several mini ones that I want to look up. Now I don't have to go to the library or buy an expensive book.

The second one "Design in Embroidery" is one that I used to check out of the library a long time ago. Published in 1969, it has lots of "modern" embroidery in it.

The last one, I bought for April. It's not necessarily for the Kitchy Crafts. The illustrations are all backed with mid century and earlier advertising. Really neat photos.

Anyway, that's my excuse for not getting more chimney done. I got home about 10:00AM. Needless to say, there was a lot more traffic by that time.

Now I am going to go sit down and look at the new books for a bit. Then I am going to go back to being a stone mason for the chimney.

See you tomorrow.

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Lucille said...

Dear Casey, you're so lucky to be able to get up so early. To think that at 10:00, you were finished with all your shopping. I'm so excited that we're getting a target in Ottawa at the beginning of 2013. Finally, I'll be able to see what it's all about after hearing about it all over the place. Happy chimneying (new word?)! Love your purchases!