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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Chimney Rocks!

Every stone is in place! On to the other steps now. The next one is to do the sculpture work with the stylus and Exacto. We won't mention the water and Emery boards. Those are extras.

Tessie is again checking on things. She reckons that the chimney is tall enough....However, "It would look nice with a pot coming out of the top."

She has stopped measuring with Spike now. She announced, this morning, "Forget the Spike thing. Let's just say it should be "Head and Shoulders" above the roof peak." She means her head and shoulders, naturally. I didn't tell her that her head and shoulders measured exactly one "Spike" high!

Here's, more or less what it is going to look like. At least now you can see what I am going for.

Sorry that the photos aren't great. For some reason, that corner is a bit dark this morning. I can't figure out why. The sun is shining and it is 91 degrees outside right now...It may hit 100 today.

As you can see, I still haven't cut the side out of the main building yet. I am trying to decide if I want the hole to go all the way to the top or leave the top closed and put a false door in on the second floor. I imagine that open will win. Easier to see that way...Although I do like the idea of a fat little Hobbit like door to the storage room.

This last photo is just to prove that I did cover the whole thing with stones and to show that the serpentine stones continue all around the stack.

Tessie is trying to get Zar to build her a periscope to wrap around the chimney so that she can sit back there and spy on people....I don't think he is convinced.

By now, he knows that as soon as he does the work, she will look through it a couple of times and start complaining that she can't see everything at once. She is just going to have to peek around the corner instead.

Meanwhile, I am off to get lunch ready and then back to the stones.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hi Casey! So now Tessie wants to be the new yard stick instead of Spike. Poor Tessie! She's probably just jealous because Spike was getting too much attention. But I do agree with her, though, that a chimney pot would look great up there! It would add that extra little something. Your chimney looks great. I love that brick you did. You must eat a lot of eggs. Watch out for that cholesterol, will you!

Cris Bottaro said...

Congratulations! Kisses in your heart.

hopeful said...

Love, love love the chimney! It looks so great already. Question: for the slate roof tiles - is it necessary to put them on one at a time? As a newbie, I was thinking of cutting my egg carton into strips, making cuts to simulate the space in the shingles, rounding them a bit with my stylus, etc, then applying the whole strip. Would it not be good to do it that way?

Caseymini said...

Hopeful, you could try it. I prefer one at a time. I like them irregular and various lengths. You would probably still have to piece the strips to cover a whole roof. I don't know of any egg cartons that have a lot of area to cut strips from. The edges on the ones that I use have a minimum of two strips almost the length of the egg carton and a couple of shorter ones on the top. I just chop them up a few at a time.I discard the bottom cup part. Foo curvy for me. That's just my method though. Each person does it differently.