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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nothing Accomplished...At Least Nothing Much...

Yesterday afternoon, I received a small package from someone that I didn't know in Indiana....I don't know anybody in Indiana...

It didn't take long to solve the mystery. Easy as opening the box. Aha! Then I immediately figured it out. It was from Katie's Grandmother!

Katie of Katie's Clay Corner and I were writing back and forth a few months ago and she asked if I knew anybody that would be interested in some bobbins for making bobbin lace.

I raised my hand and shouted, "Me!!!Meeee!!!!". Not that she could hear me... I have always wanted to try bobbin lace. I know how to make most other kinds of lace, but have never had the opportunity or equipment to do it.

Anyway, the box was chock full of bobbins. Her grandmother sent them to me! Katie, the next time you see her, give her a hug for me!

It is going to have to wait a couple of weeks, until we get back from Carmel and I get more done on the weaver's cottage.

This morning I went to Michael's and JoAnn's for supplies. I did fine at Michael's.

Then there was JoAnn's....I saw that Ceramcoat, 2oz. bottles were on sale, so I picked out a bunch. One was a color called Territorial Beige.

Then I looked for something close to Tessie's beloved puce. I found something close in Folkart, called Black Plum. With a little white added, that should be a pretty close match.

When I opened the bag at home....Those two colors were missing. We live about 20 minutes away from JoAnn's. It couldn't have been a half hour later that I called the store.

The name of the cashier was on the receipt. The lady that I talked to said she would check....I sat through some of the worst "Hold music" that I have ever heard. When she came back, she said that the girl didn't remember selling me the paint.

I told her that I had the receipt in hand and told her the two colors, brand and price. More hold music....When she came back asked if I had checked the bag? Yes, twice. Did I check my car? Yes. Three times. No. It wasn't in the bag or car.

She acted like I was trying to con them out of two bottles of paint, totaling $2.47+ tax. Long story short. She finally, grudgingly said that, if I brought back the receipt, she would replace it with something from the floor.

I was very polite, but I felt like I was being made the guilty party. In the store, I picked up the sack from the counter and closed the top....Walked to the car, closed sack in hand. Put said sack on the front seat beside me. Drove home. Didn't open the sack until it was safely in the house.

The only thing that I can think of is, maybe the paint was not happy and jumped out of the sack in the parking lot, to be run over by a big truck to commit paintiside.

I will go back tomorrow. I am not going to waste another hour today just for two missing bottles.

One of the colors that I did manage to get home was the paint on the wall behind Zar. It is Folkart "Italian Sage".

It seems to be a happier color than the Wedgewood green on the other wall. I think it is going to win the battle of the rollers.

Now I am going to go pout about missing paint some more. I may just have to take Tessie with me tomorrow, when I go back to get the replacement paint....She will fix them....All I have to do is mention that the missing paint was puce...

See you tomorrow.


Jennifer Berkeley said...

Thank you for the laugh today!

jeanuhlik said...

I went to Hobby Lobby last Thursday and lost a 20$ bill....I know it was there because it was the only place I opened my wallet, to give my daughter a 10 and a 40% coupon to buy a mini bistro set. I bought a kitchen set priced $35 minus 40% so it was $21! Anyway between the two items I saved exactly 20$. I called Hobby Lobby later and asked if by chance anyone had turned it in. Believe it or not, if a salesperson had found it, I had a chance!! But alas, it wasn't turned in. I only hope the person who found it REALLY needed it. Point is, some stores are nicer than other stores!!! Go and sick Tessie on those clerks, they deserve everything she can put out!!! ((HUGGS))

Kathi said...

Territorial Beige and Black Plum!
Thanks! Those are two colors I can use! Sorry Michael's gave you such a hassle. I've always found them very accomodating...
You know you will have fun with those bobbins. What a great gift!If you don't make lace with all of them, they would make great legs for furniture. :D

Caseymini said...

Kathi, Not Michaels. They were nice. It was Joann's that gave mae a hard time for their mistake. Unfortunately, they are the only place that sells Ceramcoat here in Tucson.

Maria Ireland said...

Hi I just want to say Congratulations on Winning the Best Miniature Blog. I Love your posts and though I dont always comment I do read them. They always make me smile.
Hugs Maria

Lucille said...

Good luck at Joann's, Casey. You would think they would have better customer relations!