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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Miscellaneous Machinations.....

My machinations were crafty schemes meant to keep me out of minis today. Don't tell, but I needed a break.
Instead of getting anything worthwhile done, I wandered around in circles.

First I wandered around the back yard. I thought that taking photos of the newly flowering plants might entertain me for a while....

I think that this purple thing is called a Nuremburgia, if I remember right.
Of course, here's the traditional first shot of the pomegranate. It looks like we are going to have a bumper crop again this year. And my personal favorite, the Medusa Euphorbia. One of these days I am going to figure out how to preserve those flowers. they are less than a quarter inch across and really pretty. I have some silica gel. Hmmmmm.......
Anyway, that lasted for about 10 minutes. The mind started wandering again.
Next I cleaned out a box of beads that April gave me last week. She isn't doing that right now and dumped them on me.....I am not complaining. I am always happy with more beads....Just like more minis.

Of course I had to stop and play with them for a while. It is virtually impossible to "sort" beads without wanting to string them or embroider them on something.

I found this partially beaded Cabochon and added some fringe. It either needs more or none.
Lost interest and didn't want to spend time ripping out beads....On to other things.

I think I found just the thing to keep me entertained for a while. My friend Jane sent another box of Flat Feet sock yarn last week....Yup. This will last for the rest of the day. In fact, I think I have enough sock yarn for a couple years. Thank you so much, Jane! It will be put to good use. I would have started more than three different pair. Unfortunately, I ran out of needles! The only solution is to knit very fast. Luckily I am not a victim of "one sock syndrome". I do finish the pairs that I start.

One sock never did anybody any good...Oh except the time when Widget, our cat, had repair work done on the tendons in one back leg. Then I did knit three single ones to keep him from licking it.
He wore two out by licking them to death. I still have the third one.
Let's see. What else can I get into. Back to work tomorrow.
See you then. P.S. I am having a problem with html and can't seem to get the paragraphs right for the past couple of days. Sorry. Stupid computer!

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Lucille said...

Those purple flowers are so pretty, Casey! I would love to eat the seeds of a freshly picked pomegranate! I am sure that it must taste different than the ones I buy at the supermarket. It's always nice to see a photo of one of your cats! I hope you enjoyed your break from minis!