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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Never Leave Your Paint Drawer Open....

Unless you want something painted. It works every time. The paint party was going on when I got done yesterday. It takes them longer than it does me and the color selection is questionable.

I think that I need to make a trip to JoAnn's and pick up some more colors. The drawer looks like it is almost full, but there are a lot of duplicate colors and a lot of almost empty bottles.

I am not taking Tessie with me to the paint store though. See the two bottles in front of her? I got there just in time. She was looking for puce again....What is it with the color of fleas that attracts her? Remember her cottage that had a puce bedroom(see the photo in the header) and at that time she wanted everything, including her motorcycle painted that color.

I thought that she had outgrown that stage. Evidently not. "No, Tessie! I am putting my foot down. No puce in the weaver's cottage. At least not a whole room!".

The party did manage to get two other rooms painted. Zar is sitting in the room that they did with "Black Green Ceramcoat. It has an off white ceiling, but I am still not sure that it isn't too dark.

I am really glad that I can work with a larger paintbrush than they can. It won't take long to change.

The room below was painted with Wedgestone Green Ceramcoat. That's much more bright.

The weaver is going to need lots of natural sunlight. The room that Zar is sitting in is going to be for storing the roving and other wool.

Hmmmmm, roving....That must mean a spinning wheel will be needed. Tessie has a couple of drop spindles. Those will have to do for now.

After I told Tessie she couldn't paint the main room puce, she stood up to her full 5 1/4" and emphatically said, "I quit! I am not painting with any other color."

She left, dragging Zar along behind her. She zapped the house around to face outwards and climbed to the peak.

"Now you can take a photo of us on the partially finished room. You are so slow....I could have done this in about ten minutes!"

I know what kind of roof I would have if Tessie did it....Zapped tar paper. No thanks. I will do it slowly.

Oh! I did an experiment this morning.....I wish I would have taken a before and after photo. On the left hand side of the annex, at the bottom, you can barely see a gray wash on the bare wood of the foundation.

I didn't notice until this morning that I had dribbled gray wash top to bottom on the yellow wall. My first thought was, I have no more of that color. No touch up. Then I thought of all of the dried up paintbrushes that I clean with alcohol. It was worth a try. I went and got some on a tissue and started gently rubbing the dribble. The wash came right off. Granted there was a tiny bit of the yellow on the tissue too, but not enough to make a difference in the paint job. So, handy hint. If you drip, try alcohol to get it off. No guarantees come with this recommendation, but if you're desperate it's worth a try.

I dont' think that it will work on unpainted wood all the way. I got some of it off, but that's the part that you see in the photo. I am going to cover that with foundation stone anyway, so I didn't try too hard.

I guess that I had better go grab the puce and put it back in the drawer. Next time I will close it before leaving the room. Especially if there is puce involved!

See you tomorrow.


Bubbles said...

I'm sure puce would look lovely... in small, almost unseen places :) Or covered with another colour :)

Kathi said...

Your roof looks amazing! You do wonders with egg cartons. :D

What is the "real" name of that puce paint that Tessie has? I need a touch of puce in my coffee shop, I think...

You should see MY paint drawer. I don't know how I can have so many bottles of paint and STILL not have the colors I want?!

Cris Bottaro said...

Hello, beautiful painting of the tiles!! Good weekend and kisses in your heart.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, that's my "for public only" paint drawer. You will never see the one in my workroom. The puce in the header is one that I mixed. Unfortunately, I am not sure what all went into it. When I go paint shopping Monday or Tuesday I will see if there are any Ceramcoat colors that come close. Hang on til then.