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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Sawed It In My Head First....

Yes, in this case, that is correct English.... I had to think about how to go about doing the sawing before I actually did it....It worked!!!

Sawing the house(annex) in half makes one feel very strong. Even when it is a mini house. It's a case of "I can do it if I want to and nobody is around to tell me not to! Ha!"

Tessie wasn't about, so I didn't have to ask permission. I just grabbed the keyhole saw and did it. I did do some measuring first to make sure that it would work.

I now have an inglenook for the bottom floor and a small storage cupboard for the weaving room.

Here's the outside. It fits perfectly under the eaves and measures five inches deep, from the outside wall where the windows were to the wall of the main house. The width is about eight inches. Just right for an inglenook. I do still have to cut a hole in the main building.

After making sure that it would work, I cut a hole for the fireplace opening in the wall, to match a fireplace surround that I cut from a layer of quarter inch thick foam core.

Did I mention that I filled in the holes where the windows were? I used 1/8" gator board for that.

Then I built out the bottom of the fireplace with another layer of foam core.

I curved the top of that piece and cut the opening to match the other one. The first layer reaches all the way to the ceiling and will continue up the inside of the storage space.

I will be doing some carving on the foam core to make it more smooth than it is now. Then I will cover it with egg carton brick or stone...No decisions yet.

I am being pressured to work faster....Tessie and friend are overseeing the job.

The space at the bottom will be filled in for stability.

I am continuing the diagonal design of the firebox on the outside of the house as well. I have not cut the curves in it yet, but I have given it more depth and all but the last layer that goes up to the roof have the firebox carved into them.

Now I need to cut the pieces to continue the chimney upwards, making it taller than the roof...Tall order.

If I can keep Tessie from climbing on it until I get it all glued together and Rufus from nipping at my fingers, I will start the stonework.

I feel like "The Little Engine That Could" right now...I thought I could saw a house in half and I DID! How about that?

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

What you sawed in your head looks great on the house! Great idea!

Lucille said...

When you're ninety, you'll be able to say "I sawed a house in half"! Seriously, though, Casey, it's a brilliant accomplishment! I can't wait to see it when it's all finished. It looks so much better than before.

Jennifer Berkeley said...

If only my iulsive sawing looked so neatly done!

Daphne said...

You dood it! Often wondered if that was possible. Brilliant :)

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Great job. I love the fireplace and the chimney. They remind me of architecture in Barcelona.
Love it,

hopeful said...

It's looking fantastic casey. You're so creative. Have you checked out the look of the three little fairy dwellings on the site below? So cute:

Minka's Studio said...

Love it ...including the wee window up top...or doe that get covered with the chimney.