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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brick By Brick and Stone By Stone....

This is more of that "ten times longer than I thought" kind of work. After I left you yesterday, I went back and painted the interior and the exterior of the fireplace with Hippo Gray Ceramcoat. Then I started rounding the edges with my Exacto. I wanted to be able to curve the egg cartons around the bends.

Here's the inside with the carving all finished and some of the egg carton stones in place. When I do the egg carton stones, I prefer to work with them dry at this point. The strips bend easily and if I bend them in the right place before I start cutting the individual stones, it is much easier to fit them in place after cutting. One stone at a time....It takes a while to make the pieces fit.

I did the inside of the firebox in a herringbone pattern of bricks. The outside is random placement. I just do what looks right to me.

I will continue with the stones on the floor to make a hearth also.

Here is the outside. Giac made a comment yesterday that the stone work reminds him of some of the architecture in Barcelona. I wasn't thinking of it at the time, but it was a nice compliment. After he said it I realized he was right. Maybe I was channeling Gaudi at the time?

Anyway, I worked until nine last night to get all of the stone work done on the chimney. I did continue the inside through the second floor. I forgot the hearth....I will have to finish that part today.

Spike is back in Tessie's good graces. It seems that Rufus was annoying her by chewing on her favorite shoes...I know. She doesn't wear shoes, but she does collect them.

Rufus ate three(one from each pair) and mauled at least seven other ones before she caught up with him.

He is now residing in the Green house on top of the computer desk. Nothing but plants to eat in there and he is not fond of roses and violets. That will teach him!

I still have to put a second layer on some of the stones, both inside and out and I need to use the ball stylus on them...More texture and a few cracks here and there.

I probably won't get to it today. Wednesday Witches Mini Meeting.

So......after that, I will have to work twice as hard, according to Tessie's calculations. It would be more easily done if I could get Tessie to stop meandering up and down the chimney. She thinks that I put the decoration on it for her entertainment.

I have to go now and see if I can get a couple of stones put in place before I have to leave.

See you tomorrow.


carolina said...

PReciosa chimenea...te ha quedado genial.
Me gustan mucho tus trabajos
Un beso,

Neen said...

Hello, it does remind me of Gaudi! I found this marble Gaudi fireplace, that certainly has qualities reflected in your fireplace,
I can't wait to see the finished fireplace!

My Wee Life said...

I love your fireplace and can't wait to see it finished :)

Fabiola said...

This fireplace looks wonderful. I'm curious to see it finished.
Bye Faby

Cris Bottaro said...

Perfect! Congratulations and kisses in your heart.

Minnie Kitchen said...

love the chimney! blogger always confuses me too...