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Monday, February 20, 2012

Put Down My Pen!!! NOW!!!

First of all, I cut out the paneling for the fireplace sides this morning...Stained them red mahogany and growled a lot! It seems that the red mahogany that I have doesn't match the red mahogany on the fireplace. Not even close.

What to do? I tried putting some cherry stain over that. It didn't change the color even one little bit. More growling ensued.

I finally whipped out the Prismacolor pencils. It's getting closer...When I get it the right shade, I am going to spray it with Deft Satin Varnish so fast that it will make your head swim!

Using the pencils, I can keep the grain in the wood and still change the color. I am getting there.

I took a break a while ago and I may have to imprison a certain witch in a big mayonnaise jar. Don't worry. I will be sure to punch a few holes in the lid....

Why would I do this? She has gone through two of my good Pigma permanent .005 pens, trying to make a tangled apron. No....I didn't give her permission. Since when does she ask for permission to do anything?

Between lines, she keeps putting the point on the fabric outside the area where she is working... Dulling the point and wasting ink.... Still growling here!

If I go buy replacement pens, I am hiding them in a safe place...I'm not saying where. Somebody might take pity on her and tell her what I did with them.

Oh well...Now the question is, who is going to do the putting together of the apron? If she does it, there will be glue everywhere and needles in the rug for us to step upon. OK. Just so it will be over and done, I guess I will be making an apron....Somehow that seems like condoning her actions...

I do wish she had waited until I got home from Walmart this morning. She could have used this. It's from their "Quilt of the Month" section of fabric.

Granted, it's a little bigger than what she is doing, but at least I would have still had my pens.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Love the radio. Love the
shoes. Love the fabrics. The fabrics make me want to do a black and white bachelor pad with touches of red. Since I don't have anyone in my mini town to make that for, it will require I bring in a new guy, which might work. There are, after all,
3 single gals living in Roseville.Hm.

Heather said...

Little witches can be so impatient! I have a household of twitchy witches too... always having "good ideas" that usually mean suffering for something else in my house!

I think her apron will be lovely though, at least she is quite talented!

Lucille said...

Tessie certainly did a good job with the zentangling! So, she's getting a new apron? Hi! Hi! Hi! Whatever Tessie wants, Tessie gets. Reminds me of the song, Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets! It would be fun to see her imprisoned in the mayo jar, with a hole, of course! Dear little Tessie. I'm being mean! But, no! I'm sure she'd find a way out.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, We have a problem....I spoke too soon. I can't put her in my mayo jar. It's white plastic and she would have a fit if she couldn't see out. She would accuse me of extreme cruelty to witches, you know! Besides, I would have to find some place to put the mayo!

Troy said...

I love the designs you make with pen. Very creative! I feel your pain with the stain not matching. I replaced some wood on a piece of antique dollhouse furniture not too long ago and still hate the look of it!