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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"I Look Like a Psychedelic House Maid!"

I thought that you might like a report on how the printer's drawer is coming along....Twelve more holes to fill! I am so proud of the six year old's attention span hanging on for this long!

When I am done, I will take a few close ups so that you can see some detail. It should only take another day or two.

Now. About all of that screeching in the entry title for today.....Tessie finished doodling on the fabric. She followed me around all morning insisting that I make the apron.

When I did it, It was very white compared to her normal dress. That one is antique material and a little more cream colored.

"This will never do. I need a black and white dress to go with the tangles.

I didn't bother to argue. It doesn't pay.

Instead, I took down the tiny check fabric that I got at Cactus Quilts last week and went to work.

I wouldn't let her see it until it was finished and on her body.

As soon as she looked in the mirror, I knew that I was in a world of trouble.

She turned around, glared at me and stomped out of the room.

She yelled for Zar to come and see what I had done to her....That's always a bad sign. She wanted a witness and most likely someone to back her up in her next move.

Unfortunately, Zar took one look at her and started snickering behind his hand. He started with, "You look like.." and didn't get any further.

Tessie took over from there. "I know what I look like! I look like a psychedelic house maid." Then she turned back to me, before I could leave the room....She hissed, "Zar, leave the room. Casey stay. Change me back! NOW!!!!!!!". Did I mention that there was emphasis on the word NOW?

I was not nice. I didn't say another word. I had the photo of her and Zar that I needed, so I left. I came in here and started writing the blog, with her close on my heels.

As I wrote, her insistance turned to pleading....She got down on her knees and started to beg...

Then I knew I had her when she held up her right hand and said, "I will promise to never use your Pigma permanent .005 pens again without asking first. I promise....Honest!"

That was the most fun I have had in a long time. She can't really get mad at me. She told me what to do, every step of the way.

Since she asked so nicely, I guess I won't make her wear the outfit for a week before changing it.

Just before I said I would, she reverted to childhood and threatened, "If you don't fix this, I am going to be so mortified that I will go out into the garden and eat big, fat,wiggly worms and die! Honest I will...".

I was really tempted to see if she would do it, but she is no fun when she is ill with wiggly worm fever.

I guess that I should get back to work.... I am in such a good mood now, that I might even give her a new hairdo too....I wonder if she would prefer a Crew Cut or a Mohawk....

See you tomorrow.


A. Wright said...

The drawer looks wicked and I can't wait to see it finished. Oh and mohawk...definitely!

Heather said...

LOL, perhaps she's just what they need on Downton Abbey! XD

I do like it though, even if it's not her usual look. I love the apron.

Lucille said...

It's a cute little outfit but it doesn't feel like Tessie. She reminds me of a Victorian servant although their dresses were black with a white apron. Nevertheless, it still reminds me of a servant's uniform. I can't see Tessie being a servant! It's nice to see her on her knees to you. That printer's box is unreal. That was such a great idea!

Lady Jane said...

I think she looks great in it. The colors are fantastic and I love that apron. LJ

Kathi said...

Love the photo of Tessie on her knees! You should FRAME that one! LOL You may never see that happen again!

Your drawings look great in the printer's box. PLEASE show more close ups. How do you make them all different? Amazing! Wonderful idea!

Sab said...

Hi Casey, I see Tessie still makes a lot of trouble:) I had to do some serious catching up on your blog, you have made some wonderfull miniatures since my absence;) I just have a day off, and made up my mind to go and have a look on all the beautyful blogs.


Steinworks said...

Poor Tessie, even though she doesn't like it I think she looks wonderful!

Marisa :)