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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Another Thursday....

Last night, April called and we made plans for today. Thursday seems to be my shopping day lately.

The mother of one of her friends, owns a quilt shop waaaay on the other side of town. From here, it would be a forty five minute to an hour drive one way. Therefore, I have never been there.

This seemed like a good day to go. It was a beautiful morning and she had coffee and home made raspberry lemon muffins waiting when I got to her house. I think that was a bribe to get me at least that far....It worked.

We loaded up the baby and took off. The name of the shop is "Cactus Quilt Shop". I was really impressed. It is a beautiful store and the fabrics are fantastic. Mini people, if you are in the area, be sure to go there. A lot of the fabric is just right for minis.

They have an amazing selection of mini prints that are copies of 1930s fabrics. I only got one small piece of black and white this time, but I am going to have to go back when I start working on the 20s/30s kitchen that I want to do one of these days.

The above selection is just a minute sample of all that is there. The fabric at the back reminded me of the Zentangles. Each strip of pattern is about 3" wide and most of them could be used in mini.The ones down front are fat quarters. They have boxes and baskets of them displayed all over the store. It was so cool. I didn't have to carry eight bolts of fabric up to the cutting table and wait. It was like picking a bouquet of fabrics.

April has been gifting me with these "bouquets" for Christmas and Birthdays for a few years now....This time I got to pick my own. It was hard to choose!

This one is the winner! I was looking for something that would go in Zar's new room box. They have a section of William Morris designs from the early 1900s. This one is perfect. It is going in the room either as draperies or upholstery.

No. It isn't going to be the rug! Tessie and Zar both liked it and both wanted it....I think, on Tessie's part, it was only because I bought it specifically for Zar's new room.

She will get her share of the fabric. Just not that piece.

Please note that I did the rest of the back of the fireplace and one side before I left this morning.

I worked on the graphed rug at the mini meeting yesterday, but all I did was put in more of the border. That part is easier to do when talking. So, I fulfilled my promise to work on it, but it isn't really worth showing.

Anyway, things are moving right along now. I will finish the brick tonight and show you how to do the marbling tomorrow.

See you then.


Kathi said...

Oh my goodness! You found black and white willow fabric!!!!! Could I bribe you with something to get you to go back and get me some of that???? Love ALL of the black and white fabrics you chose! I'm hoping to find some myself this weekend. :D
LOVE the William Morris green too. Beautiful!

dale's dreams said...

Beautiful selection of fabrics and I absolutely love the one you brought home. :)

Caseymini said...

Kathi, write and tell me which one you are talking about.

Dale, I brought them all home!LOL Fat quarters are fun!

dale's dreams said...

ha! I can see what Kathi likes, you have it in both white and black. :)

Oh, my goodness, Casey, aren't they ever?

I always start out the new year with a moratorium on fabric purchasing and it never lasts. I have three huge tubs for mini fabrics and a daughter that has a penchant for going to crafts/art/fabric stores. Blinders just aren't always possible. ;)

Josje said...

Wonderful fabric! How wonderful to have a good fabric store with miniature fabric within driving distance (even though it is still a pretty far drive!). I'm a William Morris fan, so I love that green fabric!

Merri said...

LOL I bet it's only a matter of days before you go get more 'zentangle' fabric! And that gives me a way to zentangle more, too!

Caseymini said...

Merri, the next step is to grab a piece of white fabric and make my own...I bought what is supposed to be a permanent washable pen at Walmart this morning....We shall see. I may have to go stock up on Pigma .5s. Those, I know are permanent.

Lucille said...

Successful shopping trips are such fun! What a great idea to zentangle your own patterns on fabric. William Morris fabric is just so unique. I love it!