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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Am Square! The Firebox Is NOT!

So much for whipping out the bricks in just a little bit... I started a herringbone pattern in the center bottom of the firebox back. Working out from a center line. I discovered that the edges weren't straight...So I am cutting the bricks one at a time...Rats!

The person that built this did an impressive job, but not exact. I am about half way up. That took almost two hours.

I am using the brown file folders that I used for the outside of the Rusty Needle quilt shop. They are about the weight of heavy card stock and one side is just a shade darker than the other. They aren't a solid color. Kind of misty looking. Anyway, they are excellent for brick. I just wish that I knew where they came from originally. I found a big stack of them at a garage sale for a couple of dollars. They are great if you are willing to cut bricks. I cut them a quarter of an inch by three quarters. That's close enough to scale. The eye says that they are right.

I am going to take the rugs to Wednesday Witches today. I will NOT take a permanent pen and drawing pad! Tangling gets in the way of minis. We can't allow that to happen.

However.....I will show you how far it has gone in the past week or two.

I did this photo frame for April, for Valentine's day. The kids take a lot of black and white photos of the baby, as well as color, and this one is a 5" by 7".

Last night I went too far.... Somebody stop me now!

The five dollar OP sandals that I bought for summer were just sitting there. They looked pitiful and naked....I couldn't help myself. I had to dress them.

I am about 3/4 of the way around the first one. I used my Sharpie Extra Fine Permanent Marker.

Beware! Anything that is white and will take to being written on is getting tangled around here.

But I will NOT do them before I do minis! I promise. Minis always come first. Honest!

Back to bricking. I will finish the herringbone and then all of the bricks will get the edges rolled with a ball stylus. The last step will be, going over them with Prismacolor Pencils to add depth and shading.

See you tomorrow, with the finished firebox.


Lucille said...

You have such a ton of energy and I think the secret is to do what we like to do. And, you do a lot of that! Looking at the baby frame, the zentangle patterns that stand out are the checkerboard and the braid. Those are my favourite patterns. Watch out. You might be inventing a new style in shoe pattern!

Elga said...

Well, you sure are going to make heads turn with your very unique one of a kind sandals, very cool!!!!!!

rosanna said...

How I love your tanglings!

Kathi said...

Just thinking. I see a new career for you! Tangling shoes, purses, photo frames, dinnerware, jewelry, maybe even fabric! YOU are REALLY good at this!
I don't want to take you away from minis but you might think about peddling some of your wares at an art show? I know I would buy something! :D

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Casey your talent is never ending!! you're amazing!! nice sandals!!

Mary said...

Another very creative use of your zentangles.

I was looking through your older postings of tutorials and I noticed some zentangle like patterns and rubber stamps used on a Michael’s hutch from Dec 27 - 28, 2009. Very interesting.

Caseymini said...

Mary, I have been doing, and have loved tangles for a long time. I have college sketchbooks to prove it!LOL I seem to be drawn to that kind of design. That was way before they copyrighted "Zentangles". Back then, we just grouped them in with "doodles"....

Deni said...

I have never seen that done before thats fantastic love those thongs!
I can doodle but nothing like that

Deni said...

that took me ages getting those words right I nearly gave up I will try again now