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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cleaning Up and Moving...

No. Not me. Some mini scenes. These four shadow boxes have hung in the computer room forever. I took them down when we got some beautiful framed photos of the baby for Christmas.

I knew where they should go, but am just getting around to doing it.

They were all in dire need of cleaning and re sticking pieces in place with wax.

So I took them to task this morning. One at a time....Oops. I should have done them all at once. Then maybe I would have remembered that it would work better if I took photos before I put the glass back in and the room behind the glass.

These are hard to get apart and even harder to put back together with everything staying in place.

Once I had the glass back on the pottery box, I refused to reverse the process and start over just to take a couple of photos.

All of the pots in the scene, with the exception of the one on the bottom shelf with the cacti are Poco Pots, by Julie Hinkle. She did them on a real potter's whees and they were thrown in the same manner as regular sized pots. Unfortunately, she doesn't do shows anymore. Hers was the first table I hit every year when she was still doing the Tucson show. Having done pottery work myself, I know how difficult this would be to do.

OK. I was smarter this time. No glass. This is one of the earliest people that I sculpted. She is from the early 80s. The desk is from the same period. I bought it at a shop here in Tucson. I thought that the price was outrageous at the time.....$15.00. It was a commercial piece, but very well painted. I redid the seat. I wove it with #20 crochet cotton. That was a great improvement from the white string that was on there when I got it.

This one was a bit of a mistake to open. As soon as the merchandise was reachable, Tessie had her paws all over everything and kept whining,"Why can't I have these? I could add another annex to my closet...."

The last one is a harpsichord by George Becker. It's numbered and signed, limited edition. I bought it from a lady that was selling the contents of her dollhouse shop. She had already gone out of business and was selling off everything from her home. I am happy to have at least one of George's pieces. He stopped doing minis shortly after I started.

Now...Where did they land after I finished?

They are flying across the wall above the Clockwork Caravan, in the family room. Somehow, a lot of minis have been gravitating to that area lately.

That's where the Wednesday Witches gather when we have the mini meetings here, so it will give them something to look at when there is a lull in the conversation...Not that there is a lull very often....

Anyway, I am just happy to have that particular job over and done with. Now I can go back to the townhouse. Tessie and Zar are both excited about having new minis to fight over. So far they are just debating which one will get what. Hopefully, I nailed them to the wall well enough.

No. I didn't mean Tessie and Zar. I meant the shadow boxes.....I even almost got them in a straight line....Used a level and everything. It didn't do any good. They are already getting crooked from the Terrible Two jumping from one to the next.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Heather said...

Poor Tessie, I'd be right there with her, wanting to snatch up all the bags!!

And yes... Baby pictures have a way of taking over your walls, hehehe!

Those are lovely, the framed scenes, though! I love your work.

1717mk said...

When I look at your next posts, I can not believe how much you are creating in so little time!Everything is so beautifully made, with care, you have so many great ideas ... just admire your blog, your work...

maria l. said...

Very nice
I like the last very much
Me parece la ýltima muy original

Troy said...

Great little shadow boxes. My wife would be all over those handbags too!

Lucille said...

That little doll is adorable! I love your little purses. I can't blame Tessie for wanting them all. They're like little pieces of art!

Browny said...

Love the shadow boxes, I have been meaning to make some to put on the bare wall of my hallway. Seeing your lovely ones has definatly Inspired me to get my act together.