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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finding More Tangles....

OK. So these first ones aren't found. They are the ongoing ones for the printer's tray. I have finished the alphabet up to the letter Q and I have filled 19 of the center slots.

This may take a while. I will just keep plugging along. Sixty one to go.

The more that I think about the tangle process, the more I think that it bleeds into other activities. I realized that I have been doing tangles with threads for many years. I grab a piece of canvas and a bunch of yarn and doodle frequently. I enjoy this much more than following a pattern. Here are some examples. From left to right, a case for my mini TV, a couple of remote cozies, the base of my large magnifier a couple of pincushions and down front, the remote for my apple TV gizmo. There are more, but I was to lazy to go hunting for them.
I don't know about you, but I am forever losing remotes when they are undressed. With these covers, they are much easier to spot. I still lose them, but I think that the cats steal them to change the channel to Animal Planet and then hide them so that I can't change it back to people TV...
Anyway, I just finished tidying the workroom. I am so proud. It has been clean for a couple of months now....Well, clean by my standards....
I am even showing you both sides of the room to prove it.

If you look closely, you will see that Tessie and Zar volunteered to help...They are holding down the end table, so that it doesn't float away. They are doing a great job. It hasn't moved an inch.

Now that I have that finished, I can get back to mini-ing. I am going to have to make a run to town tomorrow to look at paint. The townhouse living room is definitely going to change color. I don't have anything that Tessie likes in the paint stash.

Michael's stopped carrying Ceramcoat, so I guess it will be a trip to JoAnn's. Sorry Michael's. I don't care if you do give a discount. If you don't have Ceramcoat, I am going elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I think that the new sofa and the rocker both need throw pillows. I am off to see if I can't whip some up.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I love Zentangles. I have seen books on the technique on Amazon. But I have put off doing any because I don't see a "use" for them. But I may take your idea about needlepoint and use it. I needlepointed a pencil case similar to your cases for my daughter when she was young and I never forgot it. I should make one for me.I like that it's a small project and quick to finish.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, that's what I mostly do is small pieces that are quick to finish. Go for it. I do a lot of them on #10 plastic canvas. It's much easier to put together than regular needlepoint and lasts longer on utilitarian items. I even did a case for the remote to the garage door to put in my car!LOL

Caseymini said...

Oops! That's #14 plastic canvas!

Kathi said...

I do love your tangles and you thread tangles too! I think I need to be less structured in my work. Lighten up, you know?
Your drawings are so fresh and free spirited. Love them!
Ahhhh... a clean work room. THAT I will never see. Not here at least!
Hope you have a wonderful day.
You always inspire me.

Lucille said...

Hi Casey! I love your joke about the cats and the Animal Planet channel. Would you believe that because of the Zentangles, I am seeing patterns everywhere. I was drying a plate and I suddenly noticed the pattern on the edge. It was surely a zentangle pattern. I see patterns in the fabric of my lamps, the dining room table legs, the wood pattern in my bookcases, the carpet, etc. etc. I love it. Creative thinking, right? Do you sometimes see patterns? I think I spent too much time on Flickr this morning. I was mesmerized by all the patterns and just could not stop looking. Thanks a million for introducing it on your blog. I love it!

Heather said...

I have to admit, I have no idea what zentangles are... I think it's time to google!

But I love the stuff you pictured, especially the remote cover :)

And I really love the sketches you've been doing for inside your printer's tray.

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

I love the idea of a remote cozy -- we can never find the damned thing when we want it! Off to google "zentangles" ... :)