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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Reality....The New Year....

Last night, I worked on finishing some of the basket starts that I have in my work box. I got a couple completed and managed to start a couple more....No. I know that's not how I'm supposed to do it, but that's how I do it.

I am loving the gourd baskets. I think that they have a lot of possibilities for experimentation.

As I told some of the commenters last night, I cut shingles for the front roof of the house until I was blue in the face and then started putting them on...It took a couple of hours and between the cutting and the shingling....I only got a row and two thirds finished.

I did cut the back wall for the observatory this morning and found some windows that will work well for that. Now all I need is a tiny telescope....I also put some of the rugs that I made in place and some experimental furniture here and there.

So you see. I am doing minis, but this is the start of the new year. As usual, I have big plans for rearranging and cleaning out. Don't we all?

It seems like this is when the mood always strikes me anyway.

This morning I started moving and cleaning in the kitchen. I was tired of looking at the radio case on the counter, under the cupboards.

It's not exactly a dead space, but it is hard to reach, so we don't have anything there that is useful. I dragged down the "Rusty Needle" from the top of the bookshelf and put it in where the radio formerly stood.

At least now I will have something fun to look at when I do dishes. I went to work on the window sill above the sink. It is right next to the counter with the quilt shop. I was taking the plants out and cleaning the sill under them.

Noise....I heard noise coming from the quilt shop. Here we go again. Heretofore, Tessie has shown no interest in the shop. It was high up and not easily reachable without zapping, so she left it alone.

Guess who now thinks that she owns a quilt shop? Yup. She is in there cutting up little squares, preparing to sew them back together....All the while, humming a happy tune and sipping coffee.

Zar invited himself along and had the nerve to help himself to my favorite cup. How do I know? It has my name on it in big bold letters! I want my cup back!

Oh well. It is keeping them out of my hair whilst I clean. I will just have to sanitize the cup after he finishes. My cup! No Zar germs allowed!

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Happy 2012! Great idea to keep a miniature scene
on the kitchen counter! Something interesting to look at while cooking and cleaning.
I'm looking forward to
the finishing of the kitchen in Tessie's Townhouse. I have a house that needs finishing and the kitchen stumps me.The walls also are a dilemia.If I sand where I took off old wallpaper, will it be smooth enough to attach new wallpaper or paint? The old wallpaper did not completely come off.
As always, loving your blog!

jeanuhlik said...

Wow!! Question of the small is a Zar germ?? Interesting thought. Seems that the Townhouse has taken a back burner again, too bad. I would like to see what's next in that Realm. This little wall-house is gonna take you a long time if the shingles are any indication. Like I said before, I look forward to your blog every day. When it's already been posted I am depressed because I have nothing else to look forward to, and IT'S NEVER LONG ENOUGH! I know after 4 years it must be getting old, but you know you have a following! You have created an addict here. ((HUGGS))

Chelle said...

How cute is that cup with your name on it! Did Tessie zap it small?