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Monday, January 2, 2012

A Happy Boring New Year,,,,,

OK. You are going to think that you are seeing triple...But you're not.

Yesterday, I was relaxing and watching boring TV. As is usual when Walter is watching sports, I am in the bedroom watching anything else that I can find.

On the wall, to the right of me, was this....

It was crying out for attention. Poor little wall shelf house...

I grabbed some paints and brushes and started listening and it started talking. Loudly....

It was all white and brown. First I started painting the rooms different colors. Then I had to go back and touch up the brown...Then I had to go back and touch up the colors in the rooms....Back and forth I went.

After that, I finished shingling the right side of the peaked roof.

Then I started laying flooring in some of the rooms. I still have five floor spaces to go. Considering that three of them are the entrance to the place, and will probably be cobblestone of some sort, I am not doing too bad.

The slanted left roof had to be covered, so I cut a piece of illustration board to fit and glued it on. That will be covered with shingles, but I was shingled out for the day. That will come later today or tomorrow....Sometime soon.....Promise.

Since the outside of the house is basically half timber Tudor style, I decided that the person that owned it was an alchemist kind of guy with an interest in the stars and other sciences.

The top peaked roof would have to be an observatory. Thus the stars....I have been saving that wallpaper sample since the 80s. I knew it would come in handy someday....I imagine that the entryway on the right bottom leads into a courtyard, thus the view of the dark above that section. No stars. Too low. Just darkness.

The rooms in the tower section will be a series of four shops. I am not sure what kind yet.The row of rooms at the bottom will be The wine cellar, which I have already worked on, and the scullery, kitchen, a pantry for storage and maybe a laundry or some other essential room.

The living area will be in the five larger rooms above.

The fun has just begun. Please don't disturb the six year old's attention span. I want it to last for at least as long as the house is talking to me.

See you tomorrow.


Cris Bottaro said...

Hello, this house will be perfect! The purpose of my blog is a lottery, if your gracious participation .... the rules are there on the blog. A kiss on your heart and a wonderful 2012.

Minteriors said...

Happy New Year, Casey!

I knew that you worked very quickly, and now you have it all documented by the clock on the wall behind your "wall-house."

Initially, I thought that you were merely an A-type personality. I've revised your status in my own mind. You are more like the AA Ever-Ready variety!! LOL

L@@k forward to your 2012 postings.

Nyork said...

Me encanta tu blog y todo lo que haces
Feliz año

Kathi said...

Ditto what Minteriors said! A thiry minute make-over! Well done!

Caseymini said...

Kathi and Minteriors, That 30 minute makeover took most of the day yesterday. I started doing the shingles on the front roof this afternoon....I have two rows done so far...It's not that fast!LOL

jeanuhlik said...

What a cute little "wall-house" but no sign of Tessie!! I am fortunate, my hubby doesn't follow sports, we like the same kind of television. Do you have any ideas who you're gonna move into the house?? Looks like a 12"-24" to me, about half the size of Tessie, perhaps you have a "pint-size" Tessie?? ((HUGGS))

carmen said...

yo estoy segura de que tu año no será nada aburrido...que sea feliz!

Caseymini said...

Jean, if you go back a ways in the blog(1/4"scale), you will find that There is indeed a tiny Tessie. She is in some of the photos in the quarter inch section.

jeanuhlik said...

Thank you, Casey. I have been trying to read the past threads, but always get interrupted. I am reading April '09 right now about the beach chair. I will look up the 1/4 scale Tessie asap, it will give me something to do until your next post. I am also going to make a chandelier that I found a tutorial of about March '09. That's after I make the sweet and sour Cookies you posted on Christmas Eve. ((HUGGS))


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